A Great Couple of Nights and Dis and Dat

Well, the Kid had a freak out this morning. Not sure what brought it on. Part of me thinks he is just saying a big "Fuck You!" because we sent him to the in laws on Friday. Another reason could be because of the random bug bite he got while he was at the in laws and maybe it is bugging him. Who knows. Pass the gin. But we are all ok and we will just have a quiet day at home. I need to get some more writing done and of course brainstorm ideas on how to make money for the autism center. I once did hair string wraps in high school to raise money. Maybe I could try that at work? Oh well, something will come to me. I am not above most things. I even briefly considered looking for additional work at a bar the other day but that would be a little too cray cray even for me. "What can I get you?" "A large beer, please." "GET IT YOURSELF YOU LAZY ASS! And I AM A PRINCESS!" Yes, this would be perfect. Sigh.

I'm actually in a pretty good mood. The last …

Back to My Old Self

Sup? Hello, Wednesday! Well, apologies for not writing for a few days. The last post was full on sad so this post won't be. I had a rough couple of days feeling ill and then I had a little pity party. I absolutely loathe self pity for myself. Everyone is allowed to feel sorry for themselves once in a while but I just don't enjoy it one bit. No I do not. And I feel like I need a fainting couch and a gauzey dress to fully be able to enjoy in the melancholy. So no more pity parties for a while. Time to pull up my bra straps and get to work. So what's new? Not much save for the fact that I went out last night with a friend and Office Twin and today I am feeling a tad delicate. This happens every time we go out and my one friend always says at the start of the evening "I cannot drink too much tonight." and I always say "No, no we won't" and the next thing you know, 5 hours have passed and our lips are stained purple. What is wrong with us?!? I think next…

I Got Scared Yesterday

So yesterday was definitely a wake up call. I had been feeling under the weather since Thursday afternoon but like I always do, I powered through it and ignored it. By Saturday morning, I knew that I couldn't do anything productive. I pretty much slept on and off  for a total of 18 hours. I started on the sofa, ate something, then crawled into bed, then slept, then ate, then slept on the sofa, then slept in bed. The Husband was great and took the Kid to the park and I slept. The Kid would come and snuggle with me and I told him I was sorry that I couldn't play with him. I was out for the count. At 7 p.m. I went to bed again and slept until 5. I read some celebrity gossip and then went back to sleep for another couple of hours. I am feeling better this morning but I am still lethargic. And I am definitely processing what happened yesterday. Every few months I get sick and while that is normal, I also know that I could probably avoid illness more often if I just slowed down once…

Hey, Guess What? Another Challenge!

Yup, you read that right. I am doing another challenge. Before I left for Canada in May, I did a 6 week fitness challenge. I ended up less fat but definitely more fit and I had a blast doing it. Since being back, dealing with the Kid's freak outs and then the Husband going on holiday, I have slowly morphed back into a frat boy who doesn't like to move. So I decided to do another challenge because I find them all sorts of fun and really do keep me focused.... and hungry. I joke. I joke. This one won't be as long as the one in the spring. It will be a 21 day challenge but it will be a tough one. One reason for doing it is because we are doing a family photoshoot on August 4th and I want to be able to look back and not think "What is Shamu doing there?"

Again, I am not totally unhappy with myself, I just want to feel better. And military style self imposed boot camp is definitely the way to go. But only I can yell at myself because I am delicate flower. What made me…

Dis and Dat

Hello Saturday! I am so so so happy to see you! I am sorry for not writing sooner but I have picked up writing my book again and I had to save all the funny (I hope so, at least) for the book. I wrote a chapter this week and it was about the time we were being kicked out of kindergarten and getting the autism diagnosis and it was really emotional writing about that time.... I thought I had gotten over it but I guess it will always sting a little. Anyway, my goal is to finish the book this summer and then self publish it. I am tired of waiting around for an agent and I feel like I can pressure my friends to buy a copy with more ease. Yasss. Cough. Moving on. It wasn't a crazy week but it was a long one. The Kid had a freak out on Thursday night and that wasn't fun. We again have no idea what triggered it but he is fine now yet we are watching him like a hawk, ready to give in to any of his demands. Like a little divo, this one is. The only positive thing I can say is that it ha…

Another Not My Reunion Reunion

So hello July! Hello Monday! Hello world! Yesterday was a day of pain but it was my own damn fault. I guess after a week of being on my own with the Kid, it was inevitable I would act like an Amish kid on Rumspringa once the Husband got back. Saturday morning I went on my first run in weeks and it felt amazing. The rest of the day I did some laundry and then at 4:30, I headed out to a not my reunion reunion. There is a back story to this theme: 2 years ago, the class of 95 celebrated their 20 year high school reunion in Vienna. I ended up joining on a couple of nights. The first night I had to repeatedly say "I wasn't in your class!" every time somebody would look at me in confusion. It was a really fun weekend and I met some really lovely people during that time who are now friends. This weekend was the reunion of the class of 1997 and I already knew a couple of friends who were attending... as well as some Facebook friends. I was the class of 99 but I left in 1997 to m…

The Final Stretch!

Well, Kiddo, we did it! This evening the Husband is back home! The Kid was an absolute joy this past week. Besides his short freak out last Friday morning, and having to keep him home on Wednesday (behaviour wise, he was perfect), he was happy and calm and buddy, it was a real pleasure working with you. I can honestly say it went a million times better than I thought it would go. I am not usually a fatalist but with June being a rough month for him, I was worried I would end up hitting the scotch every night. Yes, I hit the wine every night... but like a lady.

I think I very much also enjoyed my quiet evenings at home. I sat on the sofa, watched mindless TV and/or read a book. I lit candles, I checked my face for wrinkles, and I ate a lot of crap. But I am glad that the Husband will be coming back because otherwise I would end up gaining a ton more weight and rarely leave the house. As I wrote up above, the Kid was amazing. i know a lot of it had to do with his digestion improving. Ye…