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Friday, 17 April 2015

Friday Round-up

Yay! Friday! It has been a long week but a great week! Work has been a little busy and it has made the days fly by. I am firmly into day 3 of the Tovaness Project and I have to say... I'm feeling pretty happy. I have been noticing that I am smiling a lot more and I think it is slowly having an effect on the Husband and the Kid. Well, actually, since we got back from Salzburg last Sunday, the Kid has been amazing. I'm not sure if it is because he missed us so much or if he just needed a break from us. I'm starting to think that maybe he feels he needs to come into our bed at midnight every night for our sake and not his. Maybe in his mind he's like "Mommy and Daddy need me there. I shall come to their bed and give them reassuring kidney kicks."? Who knows? But his mood and his behaviour have been exemplary and I could not be prouder.

Is it the therapy working its magic? Could be. We are hearing more and more words and he is definitely taking more of an interest in his old toys. It had been close to a year since he had touched his train set and it broke my heart. But the other day, I took it out and set up a track and he spent 20 happy minutes playing with it and I broke down in tears of joy. He also is interested in his books again. This morning I caught him lying on his back looking at a book about baby ducks. Maybe War and Peace next? We had therapy this morning and he was happy as a clam to go and I am feeling so incredibly happy about the whole thing. So, yay!

I'm also on day 3 of the "week of being unusually nice to the Husband". I'm taking notes so I will write about the end result next week. I haven't seen him that much the last couple of days so he hasn't yet started to suspect anything is off. But now that it is the weekend, he might be noticing the lack of bitchiness and nagging and might start seeing if I am having an affair or something. And now to the Friday round-up!

Number of re-discovered words said by the Kid: 2 (Erdbeer (strawberry) and Quack Quack)
Nepalese restaurants visited: 1 (first time I have had Nepalese food and it was spiiicy so I was happy)
Runs done: 4 (I am up to 18 min. run, 1 min. walk, 20 min. run - I almost died this morning)
Last part of Wolf of Wallstreet watched: 1 (the Husband was very upset about the abrupt ending. I made up the rest and made it seem like it all worked out between him and his wife. He likes happy stories.)
Tickets ordered for a summer ball: 1 (and I cannot wait! Need to get a dress stat!)
Times I have laughed: Countless
Loads of laundry done: 0 (because our nannies are awesome!)
DVD seasons of Burn Notice bought: 2 (I LOVE YOU MICHAEL WESTON!)

I am so happy it is Friday. The Husband and the Kid are at the In Laws right now for a little while. It is great to have a little alone time in the apartment which I am taking full advantage of - wearing Yoga pants and drinking red wine. I will get another run in tomorrow morning (if I can still walk) and then in the evening I am heading to a NOT Going Away Party. And on Sunday morning I am heading to the Opera for a show because I need to smarten up a little. I feel like I have become increasingly dumber since my early 20s. All part of the Tovaness Project, my friends. The rest of the weekend will be spent checking out playgrounds and snuggling the Kid and stopping myself from rolling my eyes whenever the Husband suggests something I don't wanna do. Again, the Tovaness Project. Happy Weekend!!

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

The Tovaness Project

For the most part, I am a pretty happy person. I have had a crazy past 18 months and the seizure back in February was almost the straw that broke the camel's back. Since that event. my perspective has changed a lot. That week in the hospital and then the MRI a couple of weeks later, shook me to the core. The devastation I felt was something I have never felt in my life. It was life changing and it made me realize what truly is important to me. It made me realize that I am a good mom. It made me realize that the Husband and I need to work as a team and it made me realize that whatever diagnosis the Kid receives won't mean a thing as long as he is still his giggly and healthy and lovely self.

When you are hit by bad news, over and over again, it is easy to fall into a hole. There were times I felt like I was drowning but I kept treading water until I made it to shore. I am grateful for the terrible experiences because I feel that I can truly be grateful for what I have now. I want to live life to the fullest. I want to enjoy every minute that I have. I want to be present. Do I do this? Not all the time.

I am currently reading The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin (hence the obviously blatant rip off title of this post) and I am intrigued with the idea of finding inner happiness. I have mentioned it before, but I truly believe in visualization to get what I want.. but that isn't exactly the same as being happy. The getting of stuff makes me happy but I am talking more about internal happiness. I also (when I remember to write in it) have a gratitude journal where I try to write down 5-10 things I am grateful for everyday. This really put me in a better mood and it makes me realize how much I have. But is this enough?

I don't think so. I have spent some time thinking about what makes me happy and here is a little list:
1. My son
2. The Husband
3. My friends
4. My apartment
5. Praise (oh God I need constant praise. Not compliments on physical aspects because I don't want people to lie, but more awe about my centerpieces, insane energy and cooking skills. PAY ATTENTION TO MY TALENTS! PRAISE ME!)
6. Planning parties and events
7. Writing
8. Bad TV
9. Getting exercise
10. Culture, food and wine
11. Fashion
12. Getting and giving gifts

I want to be able to steer my life in the direction of what makes me happy. I think we all do. But how do I get there? What changes to my life can I make to ensure that I am going about it to get to my personal "happy". According to Gretchen Rubin's book, happiness does not come solely from the achievement of something, but rather the process towards achieving the goal. I see that for myself. When I am planning a party, the sheer excitement of planning it; thinking of decorations, creating a menu, getting blotto the night before because my damn quiche looks like a souffle.... is an aphrodisiac for me. It's a legal high. High on life! Woot! #lamemommysentence But it is true, sometimes the planning is the ultimate happiness for me.

I find that I spend a lot of time thinking to myself "Once I lose weight, write a book, quit my job, get the Kid speaking, then I will be happier." It's like I have put an expectation that once completing something or changing something in my life, I will only then be able to be truly happy. And that, my friends, is kind of terrible. I'm wasting time thinking "once I..." instead of thinking "now".  So how on Earth can I attain happiness right now while still chubby, not working my dream job and still only a quarter of the way through my book?

I need a plan. And I need attainable goals and I am starting today. I want to incorporate things from my happy list into my daily life. I want to start living now and start working towards my dream life. Now, don't get me wrong, there are a lot of fabulous things about my life. But I want to really enjoy my life as it is now and shape it in the way I want it to be in the future. I'm scared that even 5 years from now I will look back and still be worried about my weight, unhappy that I am not writing full time, seeing the Kid still struggling and that I haven't been happy through out. I can't change the way people treat me or make me feel. I can only control me. I need to find my internal happiness and translate that into everything I do. Of course I cannot just say "fuck it! I'm going to become a writer and wear pink tracksuits every day!" because I have rent to pay and a child with expensive therapy bills and I like pretty things. But maybe, just maybe, I can start working harder towards my goals while enjoying the process and not just looking forward to the end result.

So here is the first step of the Tovaness Project:
Post everyday a picture of something that makes me happy (I know, I know, this is done all the time by Facebook friends and I once attempted it but never got past day 14).
I also need to write a list of weekly and or monthly goals to incorporate into my daily life that will bring me happiness. The very first one I have stolen from Gretchen Rubin: Lighten Up. So I am going to lighten up at home. For one week, I will not nag, criticize or roll my eyes at the Husband. I will lighten up and I will try and be fun. This will be hard but I am curious to see that if I act truly happy and easy going, will the Husband follow suit? Or will there be a follow-up e-mail sent to him at the end of the week, itemizing everything he did wrong while I was trying to BE A FUN WIFE, DAMMIT! I can't wait to get started! Good thing I am working later tonight because I need to ease myself into the "Don't be a bitch wife" week thing.

So stay tuned for my daily HAPPPPPPYYYY picture posts and for what the next step will be. And if I am not a happier person within a few months, I'm getting lipo, botox and selling a kidney. Happy!!!  

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Spray Tanning in Vienna - Third Time's a Charm

If you have read this blog, you will have noted that I have a love hate relationship with self tanner. Mostly hate. After years of experimenting and making myself look like a leprosy patient, I decided to try a spray tan 3 years ago. It turned out great and I loved the result but the place was a little creepy and I couldn't face it again. Then two years ago I gave it the old college try again and it turned out great but the place was quite far and I did it on the hottest day of the year and it was nighmarific trying to avoid dripping brown on people on the ubahn. Least popular person on the ubahn that day, my friends and there was some fierce competition.

So the temperature is heating up and even though we aren't firmly into the Spring yet, I'm desperate to not wear panty hose and my legs are so white they are practically blue so spray tan time it is. Sure, people have suggested going to a tanning salon but that ain't happening. I did go a couple of times in my early twenties and each time I had a vision of my mother floating above me yelling "You're gonna get the skin cancer!" Underage drinking? Fine. Not wearing sunscreen? Grounded for life.

I saw a Facebook ad for spray tanning in Vienna and I thought, maybe this time the location will be better, I won't risk waking up in a bathtub of ice with a kidney missing and maybe the price will be right. So I dropped them a line. A woman wrote me back and explained which product she uses: Sienna X and that she could do the tan at her place or, if I had more people, come to my place. I see a party theme coming up and there will be MARGARITAS!!! I asked on the Facebook if anybody wanted to join me and one willing person had time. So off we went on Easter Friday with her toddler in tow. Magdalena (the spray tan lady), said that children were welcome to come because she has a toddler as well. Toddlers do not get spray tans, by the way... just saying in case you watched an episode of Toddlers and Tiaras and thought that that looked like a good idea. It's not a good idea. It's a terrible idea. No one should ever spray tan their toddler. Have I just started a debate where I will get hate mail from moms who spray tan their 2 year olds? Only time will tell.

Magdalena's place is in the 10th district and she has a lovely apartment. She is also absolutely lovely and spent a good 10 minutes explaining the product and procedure. I volunteered to go first and made my friend stay downstairs because I said "If you look at me, I will cut you." I stripped down to shorts and a tank top (Amish tan) because I was feeling gross from too much food the night before. Magdalena assured me that she has seen every type of body and I wanted to whisper "Have you seen gills?" but I didn't want to freak her out. She put cream on the back of my hands and on my ankles and knees and elbows and then started a-spraying. The entire time was less than 10 minutes and then she hosed me down with air and I was ready to go.

My friend was next so I headed downstairs to play with her son. I really think he appreciated the hairnet and robe I was wearing. When her session was done, I told her I had been teaching her son the word "gotten" because she hates my use of "gotten" and obviously I deal with constructive criticism well.

It was a really fun experience and Magdalena did a great job at a great price. I definitely recommend contacting her if you need a little colour. I looked like I had been on holiday and it was very subtle. It lasted about 5 days and I had to add a little more self tanner before our trip to Salzburg because I was wearing outfits showing my legs. I went for a nautical look and you can't be nautical with whitey mcwhite white legs. Her Facebook page can be found here:

Drop her a line. And if you are interested in making it into a party, let me know and I can arrange a time at my place... with margaritas and chips and dip. But if you look at me in my Amish swimming costume, I'll cut you. Happy tanning!

Monday, 13 April 2015

A Weekend in Salzburg

Back in Vienna! We had a fabulous time away but the plus side is coming back home and having access to all of my clothes and shoes, sleeping in our awesome bed and of course, most of all, seeing the Kid. The Husband picked him up from the In Laws yesterday and I was so excited to see him. He, of course, fell asleep on his way home so I got to hug him while he snored. He made his way into our bed in the middle of the night and all was good in the world. He even woke up this morning with a smile on his face and kept hugging me. Absence truly makes the heart grow fonder.

On Friday afternoon, the Husband and I caught the train. I adore taking the train. It involves little effort, it doesn't involve the Husband yelling at me because I can't read a map and we both get to drink and watch stuff on our mini DVD player. This trip we watched Burn Notice which is just about the most perfect show for me: no gore, some espionage and great one-liners. And it takes place in Miami which I am obsessed with thanks to CSI Miami, The Birdcage, the Real Housewives of Miami, etc. I need help. But, if the stars align and I am super lucky, I might actually be heading to Miami next winter and if this happens, I will be the happiest snow bird in the WORLD!

We arrived in Salzburg around 6:00 and immediately I did my happy dance. I saw mountains. I ADORE mountains. We walked to the hotel because the Husband doesn't believe in taxis. For reference, please see: Our first wedding. We arrived at the hotel after a 20 minute walk and me bitching about our suitcase because it is the loudest rolling suitcase in the world and I might have said something like "This suitcase is what poor sounds like." We checked in and walked up to our room and I was pleased to see we had a view of the city and...wait for it...mountains! Squeal. 

We did our traditional open all drawers and cabinets and turn on the TV and check out the bathroom spiel that we always do and then decided to hit the hotel terrace known as the Steinterrasse. We ordered Weizen beer and toasted to our mini break. Being a Friday night, I assumed the town would be a-hopping. We headed into the old town and found that in fact, the town was not a-hopping. It was actually quite deserted. We found a cute wine place and I ordered a cheese plate and the Husband ordered pork and we talked and we drank and then it was 9 p.m. and time for us to head back to the Hotel and watch a crap film.

The next morning I woke up at 7 which is a lie in for me and the Husband woke up (I may or may not have "accidentally" kicked him) around 9 where he announced that the Kid had "slept really well last night". So obviously he was still not completely awake. We got dressed and headed out to the old town where I made a quick detour to Starbucks because caffeine is everything. We hadn't made a firm plan of what we wanted to see but the Husband, like always, had printed off various city maps and had an idea of what we needed to see. My contribution to the tour was whining "I wanna see the castle." We walked towards the large hill and hit upon a beautiful cemetery and saw a sign for "catacombs" so of course we paid the 2 euros and ended up walking up into the hill. Apparently Salzburg catacombs are upstairs! Crazy Salzburgians! We walked into a beautiful stone room and walked around it and then noticed a large group of children had followed us in and then a large group of adults followed those children and then a priest came in and we were smack dab in the middle of some kind of communion and we couldn't get out because people kept entering the room from the only door that looked like it was made for Hobbits and I started to get a little twitchy because I did not want to be crashing a communion, no way no how and finally, freedom! And then I had to wait for the Husband because another dozen adults filtered in and how on Earth did they not notice the two twitchy people at the door trying to exit. Were they planning a type of flash mob communion for me? Nice try, Catholics! Still got my Jew card!

We left the catacombs and headed out into the sun and made our way to the train that would take us up the hill to the castle because I am not going to give myself an asthma attack walking up a steep hill while wearing adorable coral sneakers. I love them! I need to take a picture of them! Anyway. We exited the train at the top and immediately I saw more mountains and that made me happy. There was also a beer garden at the base of the castle and the Husband said "No" when I started motioning at it with my head and he was right because it wasn't even 11 yet. That venti coffee was making me hyper and making me want to binge drink. We walked into the castle and walked around and both realized we are spoiled little brats when I said "You seen one castle, you seen them all." and he agreed. Ugh. I hate myself. Then I was allowed to have my beer! We sat at the castle, overlooking mountains and it was AWESOME!

Then it was time to get some lunch and we found a cute little Gasthaus in the city and I got ridiculously excited about the Baerlauch Knoedel (wild garlic dumpling) and decided to order fries as well because working arteries are overrated. We ate, had some more beer and then I told the Husband I had to lie down. We walked around, he bought me an awesome ring (to distract me from the antique chandelier I had seen in a window) and then we headed back to the hotel for some relaxation. And by relaxation I mean, we slept. Like... we fell asleep. We took a nap. We woke up around 5 and Relic Hunter was on and that is probably one of the worst shows of all shows ever shown but the Husband and I used to watch it in Toronto in our tiny bachelor apartment on hangover Sundays and there was something nostalgic about it all. We watched a couple of episodes and then headed out for the evening.

We stopped at the Irish bar that we had spied earlier because we have a tradition that in every town we visit, we must stop at an Irish bar. It's kind of a sad tradition, actually. I had a cosmopolitan because the thought of beer was too much. We then decided to go to a Pizzeria because the thought of anymore Austrian food was making me gassy. Just down the street was a little place called Di Pippo and it was adorable. It was a baroque style room with blue walls and great chandelier-like wall sconces and yes now I want to re-decorate our living room and does anyone have a staple gun I can borrow? Thanks! We ate and talked and then realized it was almost 10. We walked back through the rainy town and crossed the bridge back to our hotel. We had one last nightcap on the roof and then headed to our room to watch some more crap TV.

Sunday morning came and we got dressed and mostly packed and headed into town for some breakfast. I suggested MacDonalds because why the hell not. A bacon and egg mcmuffin and hashbrown hit the spot and we sadly knew we had to check out and head to the train station.

The train ride brought more episodes of Burn Notice. I LOVE YOU, MICHAEL WESTON! And we drank some wine and toasted to a great weekend away. I missed the Kid a lot but it was so important for the Husband and I to re-connect and spend some quality time together. We have been through hell and back and we are still together and that is something to be grateful for and to celebrate. There are times that we bicker and fight and get frustrated but if we can get through all that we have been through, I would like to think we are pretty unbreakable. Well, unless Michael Weston comes to town. I LOVE YOU, MICHAEL WESTON... Sorry.. I LOVE YOU, G!

Sunday, 5 April 2015

End of Week 4 Interval Training: Check In

I just got back from a run. I have showered, of course, and have decided to write another obnoxious smug post about running. The Kid is finally asleep. The Husband said it took over an hour. Which makes absolutely no sense since he got only about 6 hours of sleep the night before. We stupidly let him take a nap late yesterday because we thought he might be coming down with something. Turns out he was coming down with "Let's build a fort in Mommy and Daddy's bed at 1 a.m. - itis". I was convinced he would pass out at 7 tonight but no. So now I am wondering if I actually birthed twins and if they play some kind of screwed up version of Parent Trap and tap out so that they can stay with us 24 hours a day, constantly running in circles.

Anyway, I have now officially done 4 weeks of interval training and have on average jogged about 5 times a week. According to Popsugar, I should only be training 3 times a week but I wouldn't be me if I didn't push myself to the brink of exhaustion just for the smug factor. Here is what I have learned these past 4 weeks.

Stamina: 4 weeks ago, I ran 1 minute, 7 times, so I "ran" for a total of 7 minutes over 21 minutes. Tonight I ran 9 minutes, then 10 minutes, times 2 for 42 minutes, so I ran for a total of 38 minutes over 42 minutes. That's quite a jump. And I totally felt like I was going to lose a lung 4 weeks ago and I still feel like I am going to lose a lung. So there's that.

Joy: A couple of weeks ago, I actually only felt joy when I finished a training. The kind of life affirming joy one feels when narrowly cheating death or not choking to death on a half chewed piece of bread and brie. Now, I am actually feeling immense joy during the run. Sure, I hurt... but I feel so free and alive... kind of.

Getting hooked: I actually get grumpy when I miss a run. It'''s like I am addicted or something. Well...they do say it takes 3 weeks to form a habit.

Body changing: I've lost about 6 pounds since I started and I haven't changed my eating habits. I really should change my eating habits though. That's the next goal. Let's not talk about the chicken nuggets I consumed before my run. But I have to say that I am noticing a change in my "figure". My legs are less jiggly, my arms don't wiggle as much and my third chin is turning into a double chin. Woot!

Calm: I'm feeling calmer in general. And in fact, I am feeling happier. If I am feeling down, or I read something upsetting about Tori Spelling, once I am back from a run, the world doesn't seem so bleak. Endorphins, man.

Tomorrow is the star of week 5 and it will be my longest run to date. I am a little scared but I know I can do it. I am heading to bed soon where I will no doubt dream nothing because I am too damn exhausted. Oh, yeah, that's another thing... I am sleeping so much better now. Well, unless the Kid starts to use my head as part of his fort in the middle of the night. Nighty night.

Saturday, 4 April 2015

End of the Week Round Up!

Happy Easter and Happy Passover. No seder this year but we are hosting a small dim sum brunch on Monday so that is pretty Jewish. It is crisp outside today but at least it is sunny and not windy and haily like it has been these past few days. There was a lot of fist shaking as I walked around. I did not move to Central Europe for Ontario weather. Gah!

So here are some stats from this week:

Jogs done (interval training): 5. Today was 9 min. running, 1 min. walking, 10 min. running, 1 min. walking done twice. It wasn't easy but I am proud of myself. I am halfway through my training and I cannot believe how far I have come.

Words said by the Kid: 4 (ridiculously exciting, guys). The best part is that he yells the words with such passion. Proud mom.

Spray tan: 1 and the experience was great considering I  hate showing more than my ankles or upper arms (post on the experience coming soon)

Breakfast out: 1. Went to Sans Souci with a couple of friends. It was fancy. I felt privileged.

Afternoon drinking: 1. Hung out in Pickwicks and drank wine with friends. Smart life choices there, Tova.

Friends over for my curry: 1. We just continued the Pickwicks drinking. One friend is visiting other friend from Canada. She might need a liver cleanse after this.

Discovery of 90s playlist on Youtube: 1 and it is amazing!!

Lunch out:We tried 1500 Foodmakers which everybody has been raving about. Their pizza knives say "Fuck it. Eat Pizza." I need those knives. I feel like I found my stainless steel soulmate. I will keep talking about these until I get them. I WANT THEM!

Movies watched: 1/3. We have no attention spans so we have broken Wolf of Wallstreet into 3 parts. Hope we get to part 2 tonight. Happy to have finally found a film the Husband wants to watch with me. Probably because of all the boobies.

So all in all a good week. Today I have a lot of grocery shopping to get done. A lot of Third Eye Blind and Sugar Ray to listen to and of course, create a spring centerpiece. Tomorrow I am going on an early morning walk with friend and visiting friend and then the Husband, the Kid and I will head to the In laws for Easter brunch. Where we will most likely play the egg smashing game. This game requires hardboiled eggs and absolutely no skill. Two people smash their eggs together and the one who has the egg that cracks the most loses. Riveting I tell you.

I better put on a bra and some pants and head to Naschmarkt for some groceries. I wish you an awesome long weekend! Buh bye!

P.S. OMG! Teenage Dirtbag just came on! OMG! OMG! Where is my choker and platform shoes? Squeal!

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

April Goals

OMG! First day of April! How is that even possible?! I feel like the past 3 months have absolutely flown by. Sure, I spent a lot of February feeling like I was constantly dry heaving into a paper bag due to the Kid's medical issues but otherwise, where did the time go?! I have things to do! People to see! Shit to write! Gah! I need to make a plan and goals so that I can ignore most of them and then on May 1st say something like "HOW IS MAY ALREADY?" So come along and see my April goals. You don't have to. It's just a suggestion.

Book writing: My book is going to have 16 chapters. I have completed 3 chapters. I need to get on this STAT. So I plan to finish 6 more chapters this month. There might be some sobbing.

Running: I have become a convert after almost 4 weeks. I love it. I get jerky when I don't get a run in. This morning I did not get a run in because the Kid stayed up until almost 11, fell asleep and then Karate-kicked me in the kidneys at 4 in the morning. Repeatedly. I have about 4 weeks left on my interval training. It is only going to get harder but bring it. Yes! One lifestyle change in the making! And just a little warning... when I finish the 8 weeks of training, there will so much smug in the air that you will be all like "Uh oh. Tova actually completed something and she be so smug. And look, flying pigs"

Decluttering: A friend recently wrote an article about Kondo who wrote The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying-Up. She tackled her closet using Marie Kondo's advice. A few friends have also jumped on the can-do Kondo (like what I did there?) lifestyle and now I am starting to feel peer pressure. When we moved last year, I got rid of a lot of crap. But now almost a year has passed and crap is starting to collect again and it is time that I get rid of it. And provide some order to my things so that the Husband doesn't have to deal with me nudging him at 5 a.m. whispering "Where is my glitter and glue gun?" So this month I plan to tackle the living room and my closet (which also involves putting away my winter wardrobe... if it ever gets warm again).

Find a location for the Meet and Greet: On Facebook you might have seen the plans for the Operation Tubetop Meet and Greet in Vienna on June 20th. I am super super excited about this! Everybody is invited so search for it and sign up. I will post the location once I have a firm "yes". I have one place in mind that I think will be perfect. It is outside and covered because you never know with Vienna weather. Today is April 1st. It snowed today. SNOWED! Apparently the European groundhog got up from his IKEA bed, lit a Gauloises, took a deep breath and declared "Yes, the winter. 'E will stay another 6 weeks. Merd." Gah! Also, I will be having a raffle for prizes and all the money will go to the Autistic centre here in Vienna. So come on by for a drink(s), a chance to win something and a chance to give to charity! AWESOME!

Eating habits: Although I have lost a little itty bitty amount of weight, I would of course like to lose more. The jogging has been awesome and it has definitely helped get me more toned, but as those obnoxious fit people say "Abs are made in the kitchen!". Actually, cheese melted on shit has been made in my kitchen and this is why I am still fat. April shall be the month of portion control. Maybe. We will see. After Easter and after my dim sum brunch on Monday to celebrate Passover.

Anywho! I am off for the next 6 days. I need this time to really relax and get stuff done! The past 3 months have flown by! So catch you on the flipside! Or maybe tomorrow or the day after. Happy Wednesday!