A Week of Spin and the Kid is Still Sick

Hello Sunday morning! The Kid was on the mend yesterday but this morning he woke up with a fever and a cough. Wednesday he had his shots and by Thursday morning, he had the fever. We kept him home Friday as well and yesterday he was running around and happy. Blergh. Poor kiddo. He usually has a ton of energy and I can see he is pretty ticked that he can't run around as usual. I hear you buddy. At 11 I have my last spin class of the week at SuperCycle. That will bring me to 5 classes this week which yes, I know, is overkill. I guess I wanted to push myself this week and I did. 5 spin classes is a little too much and next week I can only get a couple in. But I have to say, I've enjoyed myself immensely... even if I can't feel my butt at this time.

It was a pretty inspiring week, actually. On Thursday I finished work and then stopped at a small restaurant called Enwok. I ordered cucumber maki and some tofu and veg dumplings. It was pretty nice to spend some time reading a boo…

More Shots, Lack of Self Acceptance and Getting Ready for the Ball

Hello! Well, we are back from the hospital! The Kid got a lovely cocktail of Polio booster, a meningitis booster and a tick booster. Fun, fun! We're currently bracing ourselves for the inevitable fever that should be hitting this evening. This time the shots were in the morning and we decided to take a taxi. The Kid's an absolute pro in them, sitting happily in the back and looking out the window. We showed up about 15 minutes before his appointment and he knew exactly where we were going. He walked up the steps bravely and when we walked into the hallway, he gave the rooms a wide berth on his way to the waiting room. There were a couple of other kids and there was a jar of pee on the table. I played linebacker for a good 10 minutes. We were soon called in and I carried the Kid in and he grabbed the door jamb in one last bid for freedom but he wasn't putting all of his heart into it. 
He saw the nurse he likes and crawled into her lap, facing her, well, ample bosom. He lik…

I'm Planning a Trip and a Pretty Freaking Awesome Kid Moment

Well, hello Friday! Almost the weekend! It's been busy at work and busy with other things. I had a lot of emails to respond to and a lot to send. The next couple of weeks involve quite a few appointments: some fun and some involving getting the Kid some shots at the hospital. Hey-o! But let me just say that 2018 has been pretty decent so far. As I talked about on the podcast on Monday, you can find the link here I have been following a vegan diet since January 1st. I was having stomach issues again and I think a lot of it had to do with my very high consumption of cheese. I've done veganism in the past and I have always felt amazing and yet that cheese kept calling me: Hello, this is cheese. I don't think I can be always vegan but I am trying to give it a shot for the longer term. Sure, once in a while I might accidentally fall into a pizza or cheeseburger but for the most part, there is something to be said about lots of fruit and some veg. I haven't completely change…

Happy Hump Day

Sup Wednesday! I just got back from an epic run and I will be heading to work in about an hour. I truly love a morning where I have a little bit of time to have a little bit of me time. Yesterday evening I met a friend for beer and it was lovely. I headed home around 7:30 and made a little dinner... in the toaster. The damn stove and oven is still dead. The Husband asked me on Monday night if I would call the electrician and I was like "Bitch, please". I don't even really know how electricity works so the conversation would go something like:

Me: The flippy thing flipped and poof no stove.
Electrician: The flippy thing?
Me: (exasperated) You know, the flip thing that makes the zoom zoom and then the stove was kapow poof!

Listen, I have other strengths. Kind of. Today I will be working a little later and then I plan to spend an evening doing as little as possible. I'm trying to get up earlier in the mornings so that I can get stuff done and then don't have to work…

First Week in the New Year

Hi Friday! So happy to see you! I started work again on Tuesday and while it hasn't been too crazy, it has definitely been a challenge to get back into the swing of things. Sofa living over the holidays was bliss and now I have to adult. The Kid and the Husband have been home this week and the Kid had a couple of therapy sessions. Yesterday one of his aides came by but for some reason he didn't really want to do a session. I guess he too has become accustomed to being a lady who lunches on the sofa. He has been a total star this holiday save for one teeny tiny issue. I remember last Christmas when he was having many many freak outs so in the grand scheme of things, I am incredibly grateful that we got through these two weeks without one.

Saying that, the one teeny tiny issue is his sleeping. For the past year he has loved going to bed. Sure, he wouldn't fall asleep for a while but he would stay in his room and happily "talk" to himself. These past few nights, how…

Back to the Grind

Hello 2018! Boy, am I happy to see you. 2017, you were o.k., but you were kind of a starter wife, the year that puts me through medical school and then when I am successful, leaves you, 2017, for a younger 2018 and I are about to get serious. Again, I have to be cryptic, but me thinks that this year is truly going to rock. I am currently working on a fun little project and when I told Office Twin about it today, he was excited for me and then I went off on a tangent about what this could lead to and he was like "You may or may not sometimes get a little too excited about things." and I was like "Have we met?". I know that it is a bad habit because inevitably I end up disappointed but at the same time, this is what fuels me and yes, I am a pretty positive person. Peppy? No. Naive? Sometimes. A dreamer? Always.

Monday I posted a podcast about resolutions that you can find here. Yesterday evening I posted the interview with the co-founder of SuperCycle whic…

Merry Christmas and Almost Happy New Year

Well hello everybody! I hope you all had an amazing Christmas! I definitely did but if you heard wailing coming from the 4th district this morning, that was me, getting on the scale. I don't really beat myself up for putting weight on over Christmas but I seem to treat Christmas eating as an Olympic sport... and yes, the games last over 2 weeks. As of yesterday, I am back to the grind in terms of working out and I am definitely not throwing my face into a bag of chocolate or melting cheese on everything... right now. I figured I had my time of nutso eating and now I need to focus on making better life choices. Also, in exactly a month I will be heading to the Science Ball and I do not want to look like I ate me in the pictures. Speaking of the ball, my dress arrived and it does seem to fit but I would like it to make me look fit so there's a goal. Or I think about Spanx... full body Spanx.

Christmas was definitely lovely this year. On the 21st was my last day of work. The plan…