Monday, 26 September 2016

Parties, Costumes and a Race Tomorrow

A bazillion apologies for not posting sooner! Last week was incredibly busy at work and I just did not have time to write. Which I hate because I love to write in this bizarro online diary. There was a lot to do and I was pretty exhausted. But the good news is that I can write a post tonight because the Kid has discovered that launching himself off the sofa is the most fun game EVER! and I'm too tired to stop him. Moving on to a topic that is near and dear to my heart: Halloween costumes!

So I have been going through Halloween costume ideas. When I was kid, literally November 1st I already knew what I wanted to be. I would spend my days dreaming of my next costume. And as an adult, I still kind of do. These past couple of months I have been planning. It first started out with something Zombie Pride and Prejudice... then it moved on to ghost bride... then I thought of Daisy from the Great Gatsby ghost thing. I tossed the ideas around, even bought fabric, but just couldn't decide what to do. Now, for Halloween, you don't have to dress as something scary. The fun with Halloween is that you can dress as anything you want to: no blackface, Native American costumes or over the top political incorrectness (a little political correctness is fine of course), please. It's a chance to become whatever you want to be and while I have a few dream costumes, when it comes to our annual Halloween party, I have finally realized that ease and comfort are key. Wigs are out because I will catch myself on fire. Complicated make up application is out because I am usually crying in frustration that something is not broiling or even boiling 30 minutes before the party starts. And anything too tight will make me feel like a Coke can left in a freezer, ready to blow. After some perusing of the Pinterest, I finally came up with my costume and I am so excited!

For a hint, check out Instagram or Facebook later tonight once the Kid is in bed. Next weekend I will start decorating the apartment. We are lucky enough to have friends who store our Halloween decorations in their basement for the year. Otherwise we would have to rent a storage locker and so I am eternally grateful to them! In other news, this will be another crazy week so I don't know if I will be able to write another post for a couple of days. Tomorrow I am finally doing the Night Run. I hurt my heel a few weeks ago and I haven't run in 2 weeks. Am I nervous about tomorrow? Yes. Am I nervous about my heel hurting? No. I am more concerned that I will vomit in front of City Hall within the first 5 minutes. I am running with my friend L.G. and yesterday when we picked up our race packs from the Hofburg palace (only in Vienna), she turned to me and said "We are going to take it slow, right?" and I said "Oh God yes." I am literally just doing this run for the post-race beers we will be consuming at the Bitzinger Wuerstelstand afterwards. Fun side note, when we walked into the Hofburg yesterday to pick up our t-shirts I said "Hey! Remember being drunk in this room at the IAEA Ball a few years ago!?!" and she said "Oh my God! It looks totally different!" and a second fun side note: when we went to choose our t-shirt sizes we went up and said "2 larges, please!" and the man behind the counter looked at us and said "Are the shirts for you?" and we nodded and he replied with "No, you need something smaller" and I could have cried in gratitude.

Last week, as I wrote earlier, was a bit of a whirlwind. I went out for drinks and dinner with a friend at der Fuchs und die Trauben on Tuesday. Totally one of my favourite places in Vienna. It helps that I went to school with the owners and that they love nothing more than me sitting at the bar and telling them all about my stalking stories until my date shows up. Yes. Right, guys? On Thursday I hosted another Therapy Networking Night for Autism in Vienna. I was expecting at least 3 people and about 20 minutes before it started, I got 3 last minute cancellations and I felt like I was in the scene of some bad 80's high school film. Luckily 2 others showed up and once again it was wonderful to talk to people passionate about autism. On Friday I finally sent off my statutes (a friend helped me with them so so so much) and my registration for the Beacon Beach House Verein. I am waiting for the e-mail that calls me an idiot for something or other. If I don't hear anything, that means that in just under 4 weeks, I will be an official Verein. On October 6th I will be having my first official General Assembly which means I will be (hopefully) voted in as Chairman of the center. Our General Assembly will take place at der Fuchs und die Trauben and we will have wine. Is that kosher?

Speaking of wine, just this past Saturday I had a fun night out. I had two parties to attend because I am popular and stuff. I first stopped at a friend's place for some bubbly and then we headed to Werkzeug for a good bye party. I had a spritzer and at 9 I had to sadly take off for the next party. The second party started at 8 but a friend who is Austrian once told me "Never show up to an Austrian party on time." and I took her advice because it was her party. I arrived at 9:15 and then realized at that moment that I did not know anybody. The birthday party was for 3 people and one of the birthday people (my friend) was not there yet. Luckily one host took mercy on me and talked to me for a little bit. Some of his friends showed up and suddenly I was standing at a table, completely surrounded by people having conversations and at that moment I wanted to die. So I wrote on Facebook "Awkwardly standing at a party where I don't know anybody. This is how alcoholism starts." and yes, I am right. I ordered a couple of spritzers and looked at Pinterest and tried to look cool and stuff as I nervously sucked back carbonated water and wine. About 30 minutes later, my friend showed up and then another friend showed up and then I had people to talk to and I wanted to announce to the room loudly "See! I know people! I am hip. I am cool!"

It was a fun evening but by 1 I was ready to call it a night. I hailed a cab and headed home and once in the apartment, I put on my coziest pyjamas, crawled into bed and read my book and then promptly passed out. Bliss. I must end this post slowly because the Kid is running around like a banshee and I need to get him ready for bed soon. The Husband is out so I will watch a film, sit on the sofa and work on my costume. On Thursday night I am hosting an ABA Therapy Seminar and I am really excited because we are expecting over 20 participants. Fingers crossed everybody who signed up shows! I wish you all a fantabulous evening and wish me luck on the Night Run. I will cry. Nighty night!

Saturday, 17 September 2016

Mexican National Day and Hello Weekend

The temperature has finally dropped which means that I can now switch out my summer wardrobe for my winter one. My summer wardrobe is multi-coloured and contains about 80 dresses, 50 of which I don't wear. One day, beautiful, slightly transparent, brightly hued dresses, I will wear you again. What always strikes me when I do this big switch is just how much black I own. Sure there is a little royal blue and some brown but otherwise seulement noir. And I am ok with that.

The Kid slept better this week. Sure, he somehow ends up in our bed in the middle of the night but at least he is falling asleep in his own room and not running out like a methed out banshee every 5 minutes. However, and there is a however, the other morning around 4 a.m., the Kid crested like a magnificent whale onto me. 45 pounds of kid knocking the wind out of you while you are fast asleep will lead you to scream very very bad words. This morning he woke up at 3:30 in the morning and sat at the foot of our bed and chatted to himself in his own language. I decided to head to his room and sleep on the pullout couch. The pull out couch is not comfortable. We aren't sure why he woke up so early but this afternoon he took a nap which means he will be partying past 10 tonight and I will be moody and unable to watch my stories in peace.

On Thursday night I finally got to set foot onto the palace grounds around the corner. It was a last minute invite to a Mexican National Day celebration and when I heard a) there was going to be tequila and b) it was going to be at the palace around the corner I said "SI!". I met my friend G.G. at the gate to the palace and walked up to the main doors. We walked through the under passage of the palace and made our way into a large garden. It's amazing that this place is in the middle of the city but feels like you are in the country side. There was a margarita station to the right and food to the left and shortly after arriving, a mariachi band showed up. Of the approximately 7 band members, only one was Mexican, the other were Slovak. Love Europe! G.G. and I got some margaritas and then commandeered one of the high tables. This is key any time you go to a garden or cocktail party. You mark your spot. You grab that table and you always have someone on watch. Sure, people can stop by and place their drink or plate there for a little while, but you make sure to give them the eye if they look like they are getting a little too comfortable. I chatted to some friends and after I picked up my second margarita, I did the inevitable. I spilled the whole damn thing allover my dress. GAAAHHH! The good news is I was wearing an orange maxi dress (I texted one friend I looked like a life boat from the Titanic) so the margarita blended... but for the rest of the night I smelt like lime, tequila and shame. At one point the Mexican ambassador made a short speech and kicked of the El Grito ceremony. An opera singer that I have met before sang the national anthem with a soprano and it was beautiful. One friend took a deep breath just before they started and whispered "It's a long anthem." and when they stopped singing he breathed out and said "That was the short version." The mariachi started up again and I totally felt like I was on holiday in the warm summer night, soaked in alcohol. By 9:30 they started cleaning up and turning off lights and it was time for me to grab my swag (sent someone else to pick it up for me because lazy) and walked back home. It was a pretty idyllic evening.

Today has been a bit of a lazy day and I only ventured out once to get some detergent. The wind is strong and there are lots of people picking up hazelnuts. There is a hazelnut tree in the park and when we first moved to this apartment, I assumed people were picking up after their small dogs. It wasn't until later that I realized they were foraging. When I walked down to Bipa today, I passed a few more hazelnut trees and people were crawling under cars to pick them up. I think I will continue to buy my Nutella thank you very much. I do have to say that I do find it very charming that people even in a capital city do this. Chestnut season is around the corner and if you aren't brained by the green stars of death that go dropping full force from the trees, you are in for a treat. The main items that people focus on here in Austria are: bärlauch (bear garlic), chestnuts, hazelnuts and eierschwammerl (mushrooms). At Naschmarkt they even have an office that you can bring your mushrooms to so that they can tell you which ones you shouldn't eat so you don't, you know, die. How twee!

The other day my Internet kept shutting off at home. I was not a happy camper and the Husband was out so I had no one to talk to so I decided to watch some TV. I ended up watching Buffy which I adore. I also realize that Spike would be too young for me now and Giles is totally my type. WHAT IS HAPPENING!? This is what happens when the Internet doesn't work! I get sad. Yes, I know I should be grateful for the Internet we have now. I don't think I will ever forget ye olde dial up which sounded like the spawn of a dying swan and a car alarm (by the way, you don't hear many car alarms anymore. Why is that?). But still, watching that show made me realize that time has passed. Speaking of time, I better run and put away the rest of my summer clothes and hang up the rest of my winter ones. I wish you all a fabulous weekend!

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Beer Buddies, Inappropriate Humour and the Trampoline

It was so so so nice to have a day off yesterday. I was expecting a package all morning and of course it did not come. Which of course makes me twitchy because I wore a bra and yoga pants expecting the mail man to come. I would have taken a nap as well. BASTARDOS! I was actually expecting two packages... Grrrr. But in the end, the morning at home wasn't too bad. I watched Murder She Wrote and wrote many many e-mails. At 12:30, I headed out to meet my friend at Miznon for lunch. We walked into the very loud restaurant and ordered our food. The guy smiled when I said "Tova" because that name don't get more Hebrew than that. Unless you are Swedish. He said it a few times and when I paid he said "Tovilein". I blushed. My friend and I sat down and talked and then my name was called out loudly. Say it again! We ate and caught up and then I made her sign paperwork because she is one of my board members for the autism center. After lunch we walked to Schwedenplatz and stopped for some ice cream. Kind of a perfect summer lunch in Vienna. Around 2:30, I jumped onto a tram and made my way to the Beaver Brewing Company to meet some buddies.

By 4, we were a group of 5. One friend showed up and asked the server for "Beer". We just cackled because ordering "beer" at the BBC is like ordering "shoes" when you walk into a shoe store. You have to be specific. At one point the talk turned a little political and somehow I brought up the fun fun theme of  "flag burning". One guy from Iran said "Notice how she looked at me when she said 'flag burning'?" and then I howled in laughter. A little while later we talked about tequila and he mentioned he had eaten the worm. I eloquently made gagging sounds and then he said "It tastes just like ham!" and I said "Said the Iranian to the Jew..." and then we high fived. This is what is so important about humour. It is a universal human need to laugh and if you are willing to make fun of yourself, and respect others (kind of), you will have fewer conflicts. It was a lovely afternoon with a lot of laughter and of course beer.

I ran home and thanked the Nanny. The trampoline I had ordered had finally arrived! And the box was HUGE! All I could think was "oh crap... the Husband is going to kill me". I have read a lot of information saying how good trampolines are for children with autism and ADHD and I finally decided to buy one. As soon as the Nanny left, I put the box on the ground and got some scissors. The Kid was already excited about the large box. I opened it up and pulled out the large large trampoline and noticed that I only had to screw on about 8 legs which was a relief because I have had too many accidents with screw drivers. Don't ask. Apparently I was not going fast enough because the Kid kept headbutting it from the side and yelling at me. I was under pressure and it fell like a scene from a movie "Cut the yellow wire! CUT THE YELLOW WIRE!" as I sweated and gave myself carpal tunnel syndrome by screwing in those damn legs. Finally it was done and I proudly placed it on the ground, ready for the Kid to bounce like crazy. Did he? No, the bugger just sat on it. I got on and jumped, hoping to show him how it worked. Nope. He continued to sit. I jumped a couple more minutes and accidentally fell off. At that point I said "Fine! Whatever! Stupid trampoline!" and the Kid continued to sit on it, looking happy. Oh well, I imagine in a few days he will figure it out and then all Hell will break loose.

I put him to bed after rolling his plus-sized trampoline into his room. I turned on the TV and watched a little bit of Revenge and then by 9:30, I was ready for bed. I actually got a decent night's sleep and by 5 a.m., I was ready to get out of bed and enjoy the quiet and dark morning (while writing this post (martyr moment)). This evening I will be heading to a friend's place for some wine and then later I will be meeting another friend at an Italian pizzeria around the corner from my place. Tomorrow will be another day of work and then I will be meeting another friend for a drink, then I will run home, try to get the Kid to jump on the blasted trampoline, change into something not soaked in sweat, and then I am going to a celebration for Mexican National Day at a palace also around the corner from my place. The 4th district is where it's at, yo! Thank goodness I have a quiet weekend planned. I wish you all a fabulous evening! Stay tuned for more stories that may or may not involve tequila. Toodles!

Monday, 12 September 2016

I Need an Intern

I always say this but it is true... I really do need an intern. Today was absolutely wild and thank goodness that tomorrow is a holiday for me. Huzzah! I woke up early and wrote several e-mails and messages and then got the Kid dressed and ready for kindergarten. He jumped on his bike and we made our way to school. It is literally just around the corner and the only hazards are little dogs and other pedestrians. He is pretty good about not zooming down but I hold him by the hood of his sweater lest he thinks I am running in heels down a hill. I kissed him good bye and made my way to work, wondering when I moved to Southern California because it is like 30 degrees Celsius and already the middle of September!!!

I sent some more e-mails during the day and did my work and at 3:30, ran to the Ubahn to go visit my friend K.P. and her adorable twins and son. And chatted with her in laws. I drank wine, talked, held a baby and at 5:30 I had to run and catch the bus to go to the grocery store and then home to relieve the nanny. I made dinner, the Husband came home, we ate and then I decided to go for my first run in a week. I am not happy about this. My heel is still tender and I hate that I am not able to do more. The run is in 2 weeks and I might need to bring roller blades because GAH! But I feel ok right now, if not a little dizzy from losing a lung along the way. I am making a doctor's appointment soon because yesterday I spent the majority of the day on the sofa, feeling exhausted which also means I was a complete wreck. Saturday night I actually had a great night's sleep with no insomnia and initially when I woke up, I felt great but an hour later, I was in fetal position, thinking about wills. I don't get very tired and not being able to do a bazillion things at the same times sends me into a depression (for reference, please see any blog post about me being sick. I'm obnoxious). I feel much better today but I need to be a big girl and go and see a doctor and make sure I am just being over dramatic and not, you know, dying. YES I KNOW I AM DRAMATIC!

We are in the midst of potty training and to excuse my French, it is a big old fucking nightmare. The Husband is much better at this than I am. I decided to take a bath last night and all I could hear for the 30 minutes I was in there was "Go potty!" "NNNNNNNNEEEEEEEEEEEEIIIN!!!" "JA!" "NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEIIINNN!!" "JA!" It was like a terrible Benny Hill sketch and I could hear the Kid running back and forth screaming "Nein".  There are not enough lavender bath salts to drown that out. The silver lining is that they were actually having a conversation so there's that. The Kid is non-verbal. He used to speak but lost all of his words about 2.5 years ago. As I posted on Facebook yesterday, this is heart breaking, but the one advantage is that the Kid can't tell on me when I do stupid stuff. One example would have been yesterday when the Husband was out. Sometimes I burn sage because I can be a little hoody doody and stuff but whenever I do, the apartment smells like roasted chicken and I end up hungry. This time I decided to try and burn dried lavender. The thing lit up like a flare and I ended up running the fastest I have ever run to the nearest sink, as embers flew off and tried to singe our polyester furniture. Thank God the Kid couldn't tell on me. Yet...

In other news, the Vienna Würstelstand article about the top 8 Schnitzels in Vienna came out. I covered the Skopik und Lohn one and I am totally infatuated with this restaurant. I wrote about my awkwardness a few weeks ago and the owners were so incredibly lovely and their Schnitzel rocks. I will be back. I am back from my run (it wasn't great. I got a stitch.) and I am showered and ready for an early night. The fantastic news is that tomorrow is a work holiday. I will have a quiet morning and then I am meeting a friend for lunch at Miznon. In the afternoon I will meet a couple of friends at the Beaver Brewing Company and then I will be home at 6 since the Husband will be out. I am looking forward to a chill day which will of course involve many more e-mails and messages and I really truly need an intern. Happy Monday!

Sunday, 11 September 2016

Sunday Morning

Good morning Sunday! Looks like it is going to be another scorcher of a day. This heat is making me a little twitchy because I have about 50 pashminas in my closet looking at me. "Tie me around your shoulders!" "Casually toss one side over your back!" "Colour coordinate me to your outfit!" I know my lovelies... I know. Even though I am on a no shopping budget.. I did a little shopping on Friday online. I needed new shoes for fall and H&M had an amazing sale and I may or may not have got a couple of dresses as well. Dammit, no more money spending, Tova.

The last time I wrote, I was having a quiet night at home on Wednesday. I ended up falling asleep early and yet I woke up in the middle of the night, unable to sleep for a couple of hours. On Thursday I met a friend at Cafe Hawelka for a drink (the Hawelka grandson was briefly there and I don't want to say he took off as soon as he saw me but yes, I think he took off as soon as he saw me) and then headed home for another night at home. Again the Kid was a joy and again insomnia hit me. Blech.

I went to work on Friday and over the lunch break, a friend and I came up with the ideal fantasy co-worker. 30 minutes of discussion and we came up with this guy:

Named Karl or Claude
Half French/half British
Dark hair, slight tan
Wears tailored button up shirts like that German football coach. Wears said shirts with the sleeves rolled up
Hobby kick boxer and medal winning skier (he doesn't tell us about the skiing because he is humble but we find out through is elegant feminist professor mother who shows us pictures)
Speaks 4 languages fluently
Has a trust fund but works full time
Worked with orphans (friend says that is too intimidating but I'm cool with that)
Owns terrace apartment that overlooks Vienna and invites us often for BBQ and drinks
We are his gal pals
Slight stubble
Swears in French
Has small tattoo covering strange scar but he doesn't like to talk about
Had his heart broken and has a hard time trusting people (besides us)
He defends our honour in a bar one night against a Chechen war lord
He drinks red wine and beer
He looks kind of like this: (yes, we know that is Prince Carl but we didn't before.. it's like we were solely responsible for creating him. You are welcome, Sweden)

Man, we had so much fun. But then when I said that Karl/Claude likes going to the opera, S.R. said that she would prefer to do something else, so then we came up with the fact that he has an older twin brother. So win for all! And by the end of the day, they were royalty and the older twin brother would sell a family heirloom to pay for my autism center. Yes, we are nuts. We excitedly told Office Twin all about Karl/Claude and he just stared at us and then said "This is by far the strangest thing you two have ever ever ever done." and I think he was just jealous that we weren't talking about him.

After work on Friday, I met a friend for a drink at Cafe Gitarre. We chatted for a couple of hours and then I went home and made dinner... The best mac and cheese I have ever made, thank you very much. I then sat on the sofa and complained about how much mac and cheese I ate. The next morning I woke up, did some grocery shopping and then the Husband went to his mother's birthday lunch and I stayed home with the Kid. In the afternoon he returned and I packed my picnic bag and headed to the Donauinsel for a Vienna Würstelstand BBQ. It was HOT out and I carried an umbrella because this girl don't tan after September.

I got there at 5 and tried to find my posse but no luck. Luckily a friend arrived shortly thereafter and we sat and chatted and waited for more people to show up. Finally the BBQ arrived and so did most of the crew. We found a spot on the hill and popped open our drinks. My drink of choice at BBQ's is a small bottle of bubbly with a straw. It's snack pack size and easy to hold. The coals were lit and a couple of hours later, we were eating all the extras from Animal Farm. I realized just before 9 that I was starting to fade. The few nights of insomnia were finally catching up with me. A couple of people were leaving at the same time and it was dark and scary and I thought it best I walk to the Ubahn station with them to like protect them and stuff. I got home around 9:45 and by 10:30, I was in a deep sleep. I slept through the night! Hurrah! Hooray!! No middle of the night 3 hour Pinterest party for me! I am definitely feeling more refreshed this morning and we are currently trying to decide what to do. The Kid is in a fantabulous mood and it is going to be hot so who knows! The world is our oyster! In other news, I finally have a location for the ABA Therapy Seminar that I am hosting on the 29th. Thanks to my friend K.P., I was able to book a place close by to where I live. Fingers crossed we have a large turn out! If you are interested in attending, check out the Autism in Vienna Facebook page for details and send me an e-mail. I wish you all a fantastic Sunday! Toodles!

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Humpity Hump Day

Well...that's an inappropriate title. Meh, I never said I was appropriate. Hello Wednesday evening! Am I happy to see you! I am home alone with the Kid tonight and to be completely honest, I was a little worried about this evening. As I mentioned the other day, the Kid has been difficult. We aren't sure what is causing it since he can't tell us but I am hoping and praying this too shall pass. I am very open on Facebook and in this blog about the challenges of raising a child with autism... I am also very open about my lack of smarts (for reference please see: carrots growing on trees). I feel like it would be a real disservice to not talk about the struggles we face with the Kid. I know that some moms who have children with autism read this blog and I don't want them to feel like they are alone; and it is incredibly therapeutic for me. One of my biggest pet peeves are people who have gone through a diagnosis of autism with their child (felt the dismay, the fear, the anger and the heart break) and once they start to develop and do well, they "leave the cause". I find that a betrayal. You're still Jenny from the block, even if you have rocks. If you got that reference, I love you.

So this is just a very long way of saying that I share a lot of stories about life with the Kid because it's important to me and, I truly hope, to others as well. Speaking of Autism, this month I am arranging two events through Autism in Vienna. The first will be an Autism therapy networking night on the 22nd of September at the Beaver Brewing Company. The second event will be a seminar about ABA therapy on the 29th. I am on the hunt for a seminar room with a projector. A friend sent me a couple of suggestions but unfortunately one is too far away and the other doesn't have the right hours. I wrote about 6 places today and 3 places wrote back. One charges 185 euros an hour and I had to double check for the typo. I wrote back and thanked them. Another place wrote me and said the cost for two hours would be about 400 euros, then I started to dry heave a little. But I am going to stay calm and trust that the other places will write me back with something along the lines of "Oh, is this Tova from Operation Tubetop? You are fabulous! Take the room for free and might we interest you in a glass of champagne?" This happens right? At this point all extra costs come out of my pocket so I have to be very frugal and this is just another reason why I can't wait to get the centre set up so I don't have to do this no mo.

Speaking of the centre, last night a friend helped me go through the statutes for the Verein. She was so helpful. In the next day or two, I am going to finalize the Verein paperwork, ask her to look over it and then mail that bad boy in. When I found out that I didn't have to actually apply in person, I almost wept in joy. It's hard enough to ask for a "dingsbum das macht zoom zoom" when I am looking for a Magic Bullet... I cannot even begin to imagine what type of mime work would go into setting up a Verein with scary officials. Yes, I know I need to get over this fear... but give me time.

Yesterday was my interview. It was in front of a panel and I was incredibly nervous. Usually I am cool in interviews but it had been almost 5 years since I had had one and I was not looking forward to it. Apparently I talk a mile a minute because what should have take at least 45 minutes was done in 19 minutes. It was one of those competence-based interviews where they ask you examples for their questions and it was sweat inducing. I am more used to the type of interview where they ask you to describe yourself with one word. I will never forget the time I was in a group interview for Club Monaco and I answered the question with "tenacious". The interviewer's eyebrows shot up in surprise and I was like "Got that word from Jurassic Park. Heh." I didn't get the job. Anyway,  I zoomed through yesterday's interview and at the end of it, I stood up and said "I'm going to go have some wine." Classy Tova. Way to go. Ugh. Otherwise I think I did alright. Originally I was supposed to meet a friend at Cafe Anzengruber first after work but he was sick so last minute I made plans to quickly meet D.K. at Cafe Gitarre. We had a couple of drinks and I bumped into an old friend who I briefly chatted with. Around 5 I left and jumped on the 13A to Vita e Bella to meet another friend. We spent about 10 minutes going through the statutes and then we moved on to gossip because we haven't caught up properly in months. At one point two other friends randomly showed up at the wine bar. After my friend headed home, I joined the other two for another drink and the whole evening was just fantastic! It felt like a sitcom: randomly bumping into friends and in this sitcom I am thin and pretty.

Around 10:30, I headed home and slept the slept of someone happy that her interview was over. I woke up in an amazing mood this morning. I'm not sure why but I was high on life. Even though the Kid ending up having a bit of tantrum (thank God not a fit), I wasn't going to let anything dampen my mood. I dropped the Kid off at kindergarten and then took the Ubahn to work. Office Twin was waiting at the exit. He had written a text that said "I see u!" and I laughed. He asked me if I felt like I was being stalked and I broke into a smile and said "YES! THANK YOU!!!" Heh. The Kid is in bed and fingers crossed he stays in bed. He has been an absolute joy tonight and for that I am incredibly grateful... Mommy needed a break. And so I end this post, wishing you all a great hump day. Happy Wednesday!

Monday, 5 September 2016

Job Interview Today and Drinks Tonight

Yay! Monday night! Survived the first day of the week. Apparently the Kid had a freak out in Kindergarten today. My first thought is: oh crap, what is going on in his sweet little head. My second thought is: thank God I didn't have to go through another one. He is definitely going through a phase and I hope it passes soon... a phase of ignoring us and yelling at us whenever we ask him to do anything. I like that as parents that we always call continuous bad behaviour a "phase". When a child is being good, we never say it is a "phase" but rather shrug our shoulders smugly and think "good parenting".

Yesterday the Kid was pretty great after the visit to the playground. We decided to head to the Prater because we have always had luck with him on the tram. We walked down the hill to the tram stop and waited just a minute for a tram. An old one (and this is important), pulled up and the Kid got out of his stroller and held my hand as he climbed into it. We are weening him off the stroller but for longer trips, we bring it with us. The Husband carried the stroller onto the tram (the almost empty tram) and an older man said "You aren't allowed to bring a stroller on this wagon. It goes in the front!" and the Husband gave him a look. The same look I get when I do something wrong (which I do a lot of). At this point I was about to go absolutely berserk on the man but the Husband folded up the stroller and placed it under the seat. I was itching for a fight (and I usually hate confrontation with strangers) but I took deep breaths and decided to give him a death stare... aimed at the back of his head. Ugh. We made it to the Prater and as soon as the Kid got off the tram, he made a dash for the fields.

We decided to go into the forest and he was happy as can be, walking on the narrow paths. He truly loves nature and that is great but I'm going to need better shoes. After a couple of hours, we headed back home on the boiling hot tram and I gave him a bath when the Husband went to the gym. Around 5 I met my friend D.K. for an end of summer drink and talked and laughed until I had to head home for dinner. After dinner, we wrestled the Kid to bed and by that, I mean, just let him fall asleep in our bed while we watched Pretty Little Liars. When it was time for me to go to bed, I carried him back to his bed where he stayed for I believe exactly 90 minutes. I know that the more he gets out, the better he is but hopefully this phase will pass quickly and he will discover the joy of no bra Sundays on the sofa.

This morning I dropped him off at kindergarten and headed to work. Our nanny had a doctor's appointment so we asked the lovely psychology student to pick him up. So glad she is back in town and that we can finally get started on ABA! Woot! At lunch time a friend, Office Twin and I took a walk. As always our conversation was inappropriate and involved a lot of making fun of me. At one point I kept talking and they completely ignored me. Ah, friends! But at least today I taught them the term "Baby Daddy" and now I feel smug and hip and cool.

After work I ran to meet two friends who are also sisters. One is in town visiting and since I couldn't make drinks on Saturday, I was happy that we could meet for a quick drink. We met at Cafe Ansari which is now one of my new favourite places. So lovely inside and really lovely service. Even though I was making dinner later, I couldn't resist ordering the Georgian pizza known as Khachapouri. This always brings me back to Moscow and causes heart burn. Yay! I had a couple of glasses of wine and then I had to head home. The Kid was alright but was definitely acting a little off. I made dinner and then at 8 decided to see if I could run again. And I could! I went slowly and was able to avoid any heel pain so yay! This morning my foot is a little sore but nothing like last week so I am relieved. I even can wear heels and I need to because this afternoon I have an interview for my job but a grade higher. I will be glad when that is done. In other news, I posted on Facebook about Pepe le Pew. I used to watch Loony Tunes and I will always remember my dad walking in when that coyote was chasing Roadrunner. My dad would shake his head and said "One day I hope he catches that little bastard." And I agreed. I just watched in the hopes that Pepe le Pew would appear. He was a skunk cartoon character that chased around a cat that accidentally looked like a skunk. I posted that he was underappreciated as a character and one friend said he definitely was "rapey". I had to think about it for a little while and I do concur. But on another level, I always liked Pepe le Pew for wearing his heart on his sleeve. I enjoy it when people are transparent and I very much like people who declare their love... even skunks. And look at this quote:

Pepe le Pew: You are ze corned beef to me, and I am ze cabbage to you. 
[Wild cat attacks Pepe and leaves
Pepe Le Pew: I like it! Come back! Ze corned beef does not run away from ze cabbage! 

and of course, this very insightful one.

Pepe le Pew: Why is it whenever a man is captured by a woman, all he wish to do is get away? 

But yes, he probably needs a class in feminism. And this type of cartoon would never fly nowadays.

After my interview today, I will meet a friend for a couple of hours at Cafe Anzengruber and then at 6:30 I am meeting a friend at the wine bar Vita e Bella on Pilgramgasse. I am definitely fooking forward to an evening out with good company and wine and the stress of the interview behind me. And my last little note before I head to work (I was writing this post last night and my Internet failed on my laptop so this morning I have to fill in the blanks), I watched Be Kind Rewind based on a suggestion and it was actually quite charming. I love Jack Black and if you are looking for a fun and slightly alternative film, it's great. And now I have to put on my heels and put on my most "responsible looking outfit". Toodles.