A Rough Couple of Days and a Happy Jewish New Year

Sup? Happy Jewish New Year! I said that to Office Twin this morning and he was like "In September?" and I was like "Yeah, we have a different calendar that we don't tell you about." Apparently it is year 5778. It's the future, guys! What is Jewish New Year? Well, we Jews usually celebrate it with apples and honey but because I am irreverent and not super religious, I will probably be taking a shot of apple cider this evening and maybe adding some honey to my tea. But I am having a bagel for dinner so that's pretty symbolic. Jewish New Year is a time to reflect and to plan the next year ahead. I think the past year has been quite amazing with some lows and highs and I just know that this next year is going to be the best one yet... well... it better be. Next Friday is the not so fun holiday of Yom Kippur. It's like one day of Ramadan and you can't eat until the sun goes down. I think they made it only one day of fasting because if you have ever m…

An Offline Day

Sup? So I am technically not online today. I decided on Saturday as of 9 p.m., to take a little break from social media. Nothing dramatic, I just wanted a little break. It is so easy to pass time when there are a bazillion updates to read, private messages to respond to, and of course, Instagram pictures to fawn over. I am writing this on a Sunday but won't be posting it until Monday morning.

When I told the Husband that I had announced on Facebook that I was going offline he scoffed and asked "Why would you even have to do that?!" and I exclaimed "BECAUSE OTHERWISE PEOPLE WOULD THINK THAT I HAD DIED! THAT'S WHY!!" Obviously he just doesn't understand social media... or he is correctly pointing out my addiction to it. Cough. Anyway.. Let's get started. Saturday morning, the Kid came tearing into bed at 5:40 and then slept for another hour or so. The last few days this has become his new schedule and that is o.k. As long as we can get him up by 6 on …

Taking it a Little Easy This Morning

Hello Wednesday! Well, this is a cozy mother loving morning! We are halfway through week 2 of the Kid going to school and I could not be prouder. He has been in a tremendous mood and full of energy. I don't know what is happening at school but so far, I am happy. The early morning wake ups have been difficult. Getting up just before 6, getting the Kid's snack box ready, getting him dressed while he is half asleep and keeping a smile plastered on our faces the whole damn time is definitely exhausting. The bus comes around 6:35 and I look out the window and yell "THE BUS IS HERE! GO GO GO!" and the three of us traipse down the steps, two of us hoping that the third person in our party is still excited about getting on the bus. He is. So far.

This morning the Kid woke up in a giggly mood and I chased him around with socks and a sweater while trying to get him to have some milk and a fruit bar. I'll take giggly and wild over cranky and volatile any day. Wednesday is …

Saturday Morning Musings

Oh thank God it is Saturday. No, seriously, this is the best. Having to wake up at 6 a.m. and get the Kid up and ready while avoiding a meltdown has taken a toll on us this first week. The Kid has been an absolute champ and to extend his reign of awesomeness, he slept in until 8 this morning. Best.child.ever. Of course I was up at the crack of dawn because masochist. A friend came by yesterday evening: I had just gotten home and she was like "I have chilled bubbly? Can I drop by?" and I think I already talked about it in the podcast but I will repeat myself and say it was lovely. I put the Kid to bed just after 8 and while he did not fall asleep for a couple of hours, he stayed in bed and babbled and it was just nice to sit on the sofa, light some candles and gab with a girlfriend.

I have to run a couple of mini errands this morning and then around 1:30, we will head down to the Filmcasino for the sensory friendly screening of Ponyo. I imagine the Kid will last about 30 minu…

The Kid's First Day

I'm trying to keep it together. I barely slept last night. I ended up listening to podcasts until about midnight, then woke up at 4 in a sweat. I slept another couple of hours and then sobbed from 6 to 8:30. I was careful that the Kid wouldn't see his very own Miss Havisham as I hid in the corners wearing a veil. Dramatic? Moi? A tad.

At 8:30 we called a taxi and like a boss, he climbed into the sleek Mercedes because he is my kid. We showed up just before 9 and we walked shakily up the steps and found his classroom. I clutched his Tüte and we walked in. He took a seat immediately and we introduced ourselves. There will be a total of 6 kids with various disabilities and 2 teachers. They seem nice enough but I am not sure how he will do there. I am actually keeping my expectations very very low so that if things go well. I can be pleasantly surprised. Which is usually the polar opposite of what I usually do. But there's been too much heartbreak recently so this is what we c…

Total Eclipse of Something

Well howdy ho everybody! Happy Wednesday! The last 24 hours have been kind of a whirlwind of excitement! And you all know how much I love excitement... when it is good excitement. I feel like the solar eclipse might have made things a little bit more crazy in a good way and I am no scientist but I think we might be entering into a bit of a phase of awesomeness. And I will get to that shortly but let my first go "YAAY!"

On Monday evening I met a friend for dinner. Before that I stopped at a shop to buy the Kid some school supplies. I tried not to sob uncontrollably while shopping and may or may not have hummed "Sunrise, Sunset" in the store. After that heart-wrenching activity, I headed to Es Gibt Reis to meet a friend. Apparently EVERYBODY knows this place but me... so you are all dead to me. Except, maybe you thought I just like pizzerias... while that's mostly true, I also demand to know about awesome places in general so you are still all dead to me. We shar…

My New Lover, Podcasting

A million apologies for not writing a post in foreva! I have a new lover, his name is podcasting. I have done about 4-5 episodes the last couple of weeks and I am having so much fun doing them! Here is a link to my new channel: Operation Tubetop Podcast if you want to check them out. What do I like about podcasting? It's fast, it's easy and I get to talk and talk and talk which is a favourite hobby of mine... obviously. But of course I can't forget my first love: writing. I promise I will continue to blog! We also have figured out that I lie sometimes so don't hold me to this.

I hope you all had a great weekend. For the most part mine was low key. Well, low key for me. On Friday afternoon I stopped at the Cafe Gitarre for a quick drink and to read a book. Then I headed home because the Husband was going out to dinner. The Kid and I had dinner and then at 8 I threw him into bed, powered up the old time laptop, set up the microphone and did a podcast about the Secret Vie…