Saturday, 25 March 2017

Going Offline at Midnight

Well, hey everybody! How are we today? Me, I'm good today. Better than the last couple of days to be honest. Thursday was such a mess and I thought things had calmed down but they picked up again on Friday. I can handle people questioning things, but I have a hard time with people not doing some research before they approach the castle with pitch forks. It is frustrating. We have to be a cohesive unit because that is what makes us stronger. Fractures lead to doubt and can cause long-lasting damage to the community and that is all I am going to say about that. But the Internet sometimes... wow.

Everyday I learn something new about people and about me. I need to learn to walk away sometimes and I am getting better. Moving on....The awesome news (which I already posted about) is that on April 2nd, Hard Rock Heals (the Hard Rock Cafe global charity) is organizing a great event at the Hard Rock Cafe Vienna to recognize World Autism Day. There will be breakfast and a live jazz band and a couple of paintings from an artist. In the afternoon there will be cocktails! And some of the proceeds will be going to Autism in Vienna: Beacon Beach House. I can't wait! Please reserve a spot as soon as possible! It is incredible how much work the organization has done to put on this event and I will be eternally indebted to them. All that matters at this point is spreading awareness and creating a supportive community in Vienna. Even if it kills me.

So anyway, back to the Internet. I am online ALL the time. A lot of it is Beacon Beach House related, blog related and of course, there is a lot of Pintersting to be done. I get up every morning and immediately check the Interwebs. I check the following news sites: CNN, BBC, Huffington Post, Al Jazeera and Reuters. It is important for me to get a general overview of what is happening in the world and then, when my stomach stops heaving from the Weltschmerz, I move onto Facebook. I on average have about 20 notifications waiting for me in the morning as well as a couple of messages. The majority are fun and from friends. Some have to do with the autism center. I then check Gmail for e-mails. This all takes about 10-15 minutes and I do this while I am in bed, usually reading with one eye open. I will then crawl out of bed and make a cup of coffee, thinking about the day ahead. If I have time, I will respond to messages and e-mails and posts, then put on my make up, get the Kid dressed and if it is my day to take him to Kindergarten, off we go. I then walk to the Ubahn station, grab a seat on the train and go back on the Internet. At work, if things are slow, I will check different sites through out the day, answer questions, read up on Autism news, edit a pending blog post and of course, post about inane things on Facebook. I am constantly interacting and I don't get a break and that isn't good. It is obvious that I spend just way too much time on the Internet but it is necessary most of the time. But, after the mess on Thursday and Friday, I have come to the conclusion that once in a while, I need a day off. So tomorrow is that day, my friends! I will be going offline for a day. Nothing fun can happen while I am gone! You understand?

It will be good for me to have a bit of a break and of course I will be writing about my Internet free day in the next blog post. I might be using a lot of adjectives like: despondent, sad, lonely, hate. But I will stay strong! And my last little story before I go and play with the Kid... I just got my hair did. A few weeks ago I got a fab cut by a Canadian woman who moved here a few months ago. My hair was a little brassy from all the experimentation (we will go with that word) and so I asked her for highlights. She came by at noon today and she did a fab job. I be blonde, yo. I will post a picture soon. It will also look great with the uneven self tanner I will no doubt start applying soon. Yaas. I hope you all have a fabulous Saturday still! TOODLES!

Friday, 24 March 2017

Guest Blogger Sarah and Her Lobster PJ Bottoms!

And as promised: another guest post! This one is from my dear friend Sarah. I have worked with Sarah for about 5 years and we are terrible influences on each other. We cackle daily and spend countless hours coming up with new ways to torture Office Twin (I am reminded of the time we made him put 8 Altoids in his mouth pretending we had the same amount in our mouths. We had none). It's fantastic. I am honoured to call her a friend and she is honoured to call me a numpty. Did I mention she's British? So here is an awesome tutorial about making lobster print PJ bottoms. Follow her on Instagram here Her user name is Scarethread and she makes fantastic things! Enjoy! 

p.s. Sarah, this gif's for you...

A couple of years ago, I bought the best pair of pyjamas I have ever owned. Ever. I bought them from an online shop called Hush, and they had the most adorable lobster pattern on them. I pretty much lived in them. Chances were, if I was in my home, you would find me proudly wearing my lobsters. If they were in the wash, I’d reluctantly wear my other pjs for the day and as soon as they were clean again, they would be right back on for as long as I could get away with it. (I’d like to point out that my other pyjamas are awesome, i just have a thing for lobsters. X)

Here they are (I wish I could say that’s me… it’s not)

It’s been three years, and I am now at that stage where I cannot wear them and keep my self respect or dignity. They have stains all over them. Tea, wine, coffee, curry, chili, more wine. Everything. Urgh, they are disgusting.

I know it’s not normal to form this kind of attachment to a single item of clothing, but I just can’t get myself to throw them away. But it is time to move on… And seeing as I like a challenge, I decided to try making my own pair as an homage to the best lobster pjs in the world..

First, I drew the lobster from my pjs onto a rubber block for carving. I decided to make the lobster a bit bigger than the original because it would be easier to carve. I then got busy carving my lobster out. I didn't take any photos of this part, because honestly, this is so much fun that I lost an entire evening to the process. For anyone who hasn't done this before, I highly recommend it. All you need is a rubber stamp or linoleum, some chisels and some spare time. so.therapeutic!

I spent a little while stamping out a few samples to make sure I was happy with how it printed.

Then, I got some light blue cotton fabric that I had picked up from IKEA and bought some red fabric paint. I pre-washed and ironed it, and then settled in front of some old episodes of Grey’s Anatomy and stamped the lobsters while crying my eyes out because it was the episode where Denny dies.

Side note: if you have feline friends at home, it is wise not to do the stamping on the floor. I made this mistake, and my cat Fluffy and I are not on speaking terms anymore. She thought it would be a good idea to jump into the red paint, then freaked out and ran in circles all over my beige rug. Miraculously, she completely avoided running over my fabric. The rug however, looks like someone has been murdered on it.

I moved over to the coffee table and also changed tv shows because there was too much crying happening.

Back to it. I completely lobsterized the fabric. It took ages, but it was totally worth it. I love how the occasional lobster is facing the other way. And I love how much care and effort has gone into every single lobster and how they all look slightly different.

My mother-in-law, who is a genius when it comes to sewing, sent me a pj pattern in the post. And I decided on the medium size. I cut out all my pieces. I’ll admit it was actually terrifying to make the first cut into the beautiful fabric, and I almost decided to just leave it as a tablecloth, but then the cat thwarted that idea, see below.

Here it is with all the pieces cut out.

All that was left to do, was follow the instructions. It was simple enough. The instructions were pretty self explanatory, and when I didn’t get something, I used YouTube. Plus I had helpers.

There was only one time I swore out loud and demanded my husband go out to the shops and bring me back beer, and that was right near the end when I realized I had sewn the crotch area wrong, and so I had to unpick for aages, and now there may or may not be a tiny hole somewhere in that area, we shall never speak of it again!

Action shot:

Here is the end product.

The whole process probably took me about a week. (I’m a full time working mum, so that’s a couple of hours every evening, except chili night, because that night is sacred in our household. And a few hours on Sunday where I partially neglected the kids because I was determined to wear them that evening.) Oh my days!  I am so happy with how they turned out. That’s me with said beer, it probably explains the dopey look on my face.

My husband also took this photo of me because he said I had a face for radio. What a %^&*!

Next time (I’m already thinking entire family nautical pj sets - jellyfish, sharks, prawns, octopuses, sea cucumbers; and I’m currently in the planning stages of creating an angler fish pj for a work colleague of mine, I can’t wait!) I will probably buy a softer cotton, and adjust the pockets so they are a bit deeper. What can I say, I like deep pockets. But all in all. I LOVE them, and I loved making them. And, check out how lucky I was on the old spool of thread… phew!

Thanks for listening to me rambling on about lobster pjs, I can imagine it’s a difficult subject to stay interested in, I appreciate it.

PS, I decided to throw the old pjs out. It was a sad decision, but check this out, I now have my very own commemorative lobster pj embroidery hoop. It’s now hanging up by my desk.

Take care, Sarah

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Drama, Drama, Drama

So last night was my first night in a while to just go out and have some drinks and relax. While I do go out, often it is autism related and Mama needs a break sometimes. I originally had plans to meet a friend for dinner but she had to cancel. Instead I first had a quick drink with a friend at our local haunt and then I met another friend at another local: an Italian wine bar just up from the Pilgramgasse Ubahn station. I left work in a fantastic mood, ready to get my drink on and to talk and laugh but the Internet had other plans that afternoon, my friends.

I received a private message from a mom with a screen shot of the start of a shit storm. As I have mentioned before, the Hard Rock Heals charity organization, in association with Hard Rock Cafe Vienna, is hosting a Hard Rock Goes Blue event for World Autism Day. This incredible event will help raise money for my organization: Autism in Vienna. The breakfast will have live jazz and an art display and I get to make a speech. The lighting will be blue and the cocktails will be blue and it is all very exciting. So of course, some people need to find offense in the event. The colour blue has become the colour of autism awareness and has been adopted by many autism organizations around the world. Unfortunately, the first organization to use this colour was Autism Speaks which has garnered a ton of negative attention due to some badly implemented campaigns. And here we have an example of the start of a shit storm. Instead of looking into the event and discovering that there is absolutely no affiliation to Autism Speaks, people are starting a Twitter campaign in outrage about the event on April 2nd. And I tried to keep it together.

From 4:15 to 6:00 I wrote dozens of messages (and apologized profusely to my friend at the wine bar. He was amazingly understanding as I had several heart attacks across from him) and tried to put out the proverbial fire and I am now just mad. I am mad that what should be a message of hope. of acceptance, of awareness, it ends up with someone calling me an idiot. I just wanted one NIGHT TO RELAX! ONE NIGHT! Now, I have dealt with Internet trolling in the past and while it is never fun, I can handle it. What I can't handle is someone trying to hurt other people and to hurt an organization's reputation. The Hard Rock Cafe Vienna have been incredible these past few months: organizing a Santa meet and greet for kids with special needs, organizing the event on April 2nd and of course, an Easter morning on the 8th. You can mess with me (but please don't, I am delicate flower), but don't mess with people who are trying to help. And I am saying it here and now, blue is not an offensive colour. Blue suits me very well. I looke great in blue. Autism in Vienna: Beacon Beach House has declared their official colour as blue. There. We're blue.

Our goal is to help families, to help people, to create a strong and supportive community. There is nothing offensive happening except me wearing leggings as  pants. Anyway. Luckily I was able to enjoy the rest of the evening. At one point someone I had met at the gala event I attended last month showed up. I waved him over and since I have different hair and it was dark he politely said "Sorry, you don't know me. You must have the wrong person." And then my friend starting calling him over (having also met him before) and the pair of us looked like a couple of howler monkeys, trying to get him to come over. He was there to meet our friend GG who was on her way over so we mentioned her name and then he realized we weren't a pair of crazy wine bar flies. GG showed up a couple minutes later and we ended up having an absolutely lovely evening. By 9:15, it was time for me to head home and once I told the Husband about the shit storm, he calmly cited that even the City of Vienna is going blue (lighting several buildings in the colour blue on April 1st). That made me feel better and so as I lay in bed, I wrote a few more messages. I am exhausted this morning (mostly from the wine) and I am annoyed that people can be so cruel and uninformed. The moral of the story, kids, is always check your sources. But hopefully things will be fully cleared up but I also know that it is impossible to please everybody. It is time to put on my face spackle and get dressed for work. This afternoon I will be posting a guest blog post from a dear friend. She sent me the draft yesterday with the message "Read it, shit head." She's the best. Thank you all for your continued support and I think I will spend most of this weekend in fetal position. Toodles!

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

How to Deal with a Parent who has a Child with Autism and Dis and Dat

As most of you know, I have a beautiful little boy who has autism. He has a form of regressive autism which means it did not manifest until he was about 2.5 years old. He had about 80 words in his vocabulary and was incredibly communicative and was seemingly neurotypical. Over a few months, this disappeared and it was heart breaking. But three and a half years later, we are seeing him develop and grow and a large part has to do with the amazing therapy he is getting. I wouldn't trade my little boy for the world and of course, my mission in life now involves autism... which is something I never ever expected... and I feel like things are starting to get under control. Kind of. While we of course have our struggles and our heart break, we also experience joy and celebration. I decided to dedicate part of this blog post to talking about one aspect of autism: how to talk to a parent of a child with autism. This, of course, is from my point of view and of course varies from parent to parent. Because, as we know now, every story in autism is different and there is no one-size-fits-all. So here we go!

I often get asked "What is your child's special skill?" and I usually respond with "Licking windows." Now, I don't get offended because I know that this is a common misconception. True fact: not every child with autism is a prodigy. The best way to describe how a parent feels when asked this is this: imagine introducing your spouse and someone immediately asking "What's his special skill?". Think about this too as a parent of a neurotypical child. "This is my daughter Maisie." and then someone asking "What's her super power?" It would be a confusing question. While there are definitely many skill sets that people with autism do excel at, this doesn't mean they don't still struggle. Basic interaction, life skills, independence: these can all be lacking but somehow the ability to remember every important date going back 100 years is supposed to negate these issues. It is important to remember that just because a child can recite thousands of passages from books, they might not be able to do simple tasks many people take for granted. I like to post stories of people with autism who have achieved something incredible because these accomplishments need to be celebrated, but one can't assume that every person with autism has a special skill. The Kid is a super hero to me because I am his over protective helicopter mom and a Jewish mom at that.

I usually don't get too upset about things regarding questions about autism because it is important to educate and spread awareness and being angry doesn't help. I do, however, remember one time getting apoplectic over a private message I once got. A mother wrote me, and I am paraphrasing here: My children don't have autism. I don't want them to get it so which doctors can you recommend that won't give my children vaccines? She wrote this via the Autism in Vienna messenger. I was so angry because what it boiled down to, in my head, was "How can I stop my children from being like your child?" Many responses went through my head. One thing I wanted to write was "Well, my suggestion is to make an appointment with Dr. Go Fuck Yourself." but I didn't. Another thing I wanted to write was "Autism isn't the end of the world you ignorant ASSHOLE!". But I didn't. Instead I wrote that vaccines don't cause autism and best of luck. And then I opened a bottle of wine.

Otherwise, I do welcome questions. Another thing that I ask is please don't send articles about the "newest studies" regarding pregnancy and autism. It's the worst form of mommy shaming and that ship has already sailed (and no, I will not be re-birthing my son as was once suggested to me). There are so many "studies" and I think they are incredibly important but when you send a parent an article about this (pregnancy), it is tough. A lot of these studies are about correlation and as we know, we can find correlation in just about everything. George Clooney loves pizza. I love pizza, George Clooney loves me. See? Anyway, blaming mothers for "causing" autism is the lowest of the low. I know people are trying to be helpful, but it is tough. I have received articles about new and esoteric "cures" as well and that cuts to the bone. We aren't trying to "cure" our children. We love our children for who they are and while many of us choose to do therapy, we aren't doing it to change our child. We are doing it so that they learn life skills and learn more independence. When we read about these studies, it seems that people want us to cure our kids and that just doesn't make sense. Do we want to read about possibilities of minimizing freak outs and improving sleep habits and enhancing communication skills? YES! But a new "cure" that requires a diet of grapefruit and crystals and goat chanting... no.

Now, to clarify a little bit more, most scientific studies are great. And I like reading about developments in research in the area of autism. So scientific study articles, good. Articles about pregnancy, bizarre "cures" and general parent shaming, bad. Does that make sense? No? Well life doesn't make sense and I never said I was straightforward. Heh. Again, I might just be speaking for myself here, but I also truly love to hear stories of accomplishments and success. I heard a story recently about a little girl who at the age of 5 was completely non-verbal and would just rock in the corner. She is now in her first year of university and flourishing. This is the type of story I love to hear because it gives us hope. And hope is sometimes all we have. But the most important thing of all, is that my son is happy and healthy.

So I hope the above was a little bit helpful. There are things I know that I have to work on as well. I often minimize other parents' complaints. I once was in a conversation of mothers and they were complaining about homework. One mother stopped and said "You are so lucky if your son goes to a special needs school. Then you don't have to worry about homework." and I responded with "I would kill to have to deal with homework." I was snarky and I regretted it. I don't want people to have to censor what they say around me. Everyone has problems and annoyances and I want people to tell me about their lives. One day I just hope I don't have to excuse myself and cry in the bathroom. I get stronger every day and I just need to remind myself that for the most part, nobody is being malicious. I can't react every time but I can be calm and explain. Or I can just open some more wine. Either or. And totally off topic, but let's a talk a little bit more about me. Yesterday the article for the Wiener Bezirkszeitung came out. It was about being a Canadian in Vienna and I had a blast being interviewed for it. The picture of me, however, was terrible. It wasn't anybody's fault but my fat face's fault. Now now, there is no need to reassure me. I just absolutely have self esteem issues when it comes to how I look and while I struggle with it internally, I am otherwise pretty happy with who I am in general. Seeing me and my double chin in the paper was a bit of a reality check and now I am back to working out until I turn into Jesse Spano from Saved by the Bell or a cheerleader from a Lifetime film.

So ignore my self-deprecating humour and realize that I am incredibly awkward when it comes to reassurance and compliments. Please check out the article here. Moving on. I have a guest blog post coming up soon! I cannot wait! Hopefully in a couple of days it will be up and I know you all will love it. I wish you a fab Wednesday! And thanks for reading! Toodles!

Monday, 20 March 2017

Real Housewives and Spring is Happening in Vienna

Happy Tuesday! Tuesdays are often the hardest day of the week. They aren't Mondays (which are usually o.k. for me. I love the start of anything new), but they also aren't the middle of the week. They are kind of like not properly crisp bacon. You'll eat it, but you won't love it. Wrote the Jew... Anyway, this evening I have dinner plans with a friend at a Vietnamese restaurant called TaTa and I am very much looking forward to it! Otherwise, those are the only plans out this week which is absolutely perfect after so much chaos. Last night the Husband was out until about 9 and when he got home, I decided to go for a short run. As I keep mentioning (so I don't talk myself out of it and deal with the public shame), I am doing the Frauenlauf in the middle of May. I did it two years ago and did it in 34 minutes. I'm not fast, but I'm solid. But this year, my goal is to complete the 5K in 31 minutes. Is this a dumb challenge? Most definitely so!

The good news is that the weather is improving and Spring is on its way. I adore Vienna this time of the year. I say that about every seasonal change besides winter. Sorry, you are the middle child of seasons. I am a middle child, I can write that. There is something kind of, and please excuse me for the use of this word, sultry about Spring in Vienna. It's like the whole city wakes up and bursts flowers and greenery and is just a spectacular show. It's like Liza Minelli putting on sequins... it's fabulous! Within a few weeks from now, there will be so much overgrowth that I seem to wonder whether this is the year that plants attack us: so lush is the foliage. The days are longer and there is a promise of heat and it is all very sit on a porch with a haint blue ceiling and drink sundowners kind of feeling. This is the type of weather that makes me re-read one of my favourite books: Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. Every springtime I read it and every time I promise myself that I will definitely visit Savannah. I will. That and Charleston.

While Spring is generally lovely in Vienna, there are always a few days that like to show us that Winter (that bitch!) is still around.. but don't be disheartened, it won't last. As of March 1st, all of the restaurant terraces put out their outside seating which is like the Viennese version of Groundhog Day. Brace yourselves, Spring is coming... so are sleeveless dresses. Push up time! Anyway, yesterday when I got home, I had a phone date with a friend back in the States. The Kid loudly "talked" through out my conversation and part of me believes he was having a conversation with me. It was adorable but very loud. I am hoping that my friend will be able to come up for a night when I am in Toronto. For homework, I have told her to watch the Real Housewives of Toronto. Now I love ridiculous TV. My life is busy and can be difficult. As I get closer to opening the autism center and continue to work full time and raise the Kid, shit gets real. I need escapism. I used to watch pretty much all of the Housewives shows. I loved them but then something started to happen. They got dark and they got mean and I don't need to watch mean. I actually stopped watching OC and New Jersey. I think New York is next on the chopping block... and if Lisa Vanderpump leaves the Beverly Hills one, I'm outtie.

But never fear, Toronto is on the scene now! I have only seen a couple of episodes and it makes me miss my town. But I also like the series so far because, for the most part, the women actually seem really nice and that is what I want to see. Sure, a little drama doesn't hurt, but for the most part, I just want to see the trips, the clothes and the clubs and restaurants. Their houses too because that is always fun. I am flying to Toronto at the end of May and I making a list of places I need to try out. Thanks Real Housewives of Toronto! And thank you Tourism Toronto... you have found your target audience. Her name is Tova. And since I am admitting (again) my love for reality TV, I do have to admit that I started watching the Sydney one and I don't think my mouth has ever dropped open from watching one of these shows except for that epic scene in season 1 of New Jersey when Teresa Giudice flipped a table and screamed these epic words.

That was TV gold. Anyway, Sydney is definitely cray and I am paraphrasing here but one woman's husband says something like "The only time you use a broom is to fly." and I am loosely repeating this but it was something to that effect and OMG! I thought there would be a homicide shortly after that. Oh! The awkwardness. Anyway, I'm not proud and yet... I will admit to watching this. Meh. As I said before, I need escapism. Speaking of which, I need to slowly get the Kid ready for kindergarten and I have to put on my face spackle. I hope you all have a fabulous Tuesday and toodles!

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Trip to Toronto Booked and a Great Baby Shower

So I am going back to Toronto at the end of May. I was there last July and didn't think I would be going back for at least a couple of years... but a friend is getting married and I promised I would go to her wedding when we met up last summer and drank wine and I CANNOT WAIT! I also really need to take a bit of a break from the craziness that is life right now. I plan to just relax, catch up with a few people and then head to Ottawa for a few nights to see my parents. Last summer I stayed at the fabulous Royal York hotel in downtown Toronto and while I adored it, I knew it wasn't in the budget this time around. I was looking online at different hotels in the area and then I thought I should check out Air BnB. I am definitely a hotel girl. I like the anonymity and the fact that my bed is made for me every day (that's Princess Tova writing). So I was just going to look at Air BnB just to see what was on there to confirm that I would be better off at a hotel. Oh how wrong I was. Immediately I found an apartment on King Street that has a balcony and a gym and a communal terrace with a view of the Sky Dome and CN Tower. I lost my ever loving mind and it was booked immediately.

I am so excited! And it is right around the corner from Pizza Pizza. Yes, this was one of the deciding factors in the booking. I'm not proud. I will be arriving in Toronto on the 23rd and then on the 27th is my friend's wedding, and then on the 28th, I will head to Ottawa. I am looking forward to watching TV, sleeping and just walking around in a daze. It has been a wild few months and I cannot wait to lie on a sofa and watch crap TV and drink rose wine on a balcony and go to the Beaches, and do a little shopping. Maybe get a manicure, pedicure and dare I say a spray tan? Oh the possibilities! Just over 9 weeks to go, gird your loins, Toronto!

Last week was absolutely crazy. Work was nuts, I had the newspaper interview, planned some details for the Hard Rock World Autism Day and there was just a lot to do in general. I was also gearing up for the Tiki baby shower I was hosting. The baby appeared a little earlier than expected but we decided to still go ahead with the party. Everyone needs to have a party in their honour at least 5 times in their life. It's the law. On Friday night I baked cupcakes and made the spinach dip and on Saturday morning, I kept cooking, went to the grocery store and decorated for the party. Just after twelve, a friend came by to set up the cocktails, and the guest of honour and her oldest friend came by too. Mostly everything was set up for the party and all I had to do was put on a bra and shoes and make the others blow up a lilo float thing because Tiki theme. By 1, most guests had showed up and I told them to help themselves to a drink and to food, and with my glass of bubbly, I sat down for a couple of minutes. I have hosted so many parties but I am still a bit of a stress case up until that first moment that I can sit down, confident that everyone is taken care of. Then I can get my drink on and be charming.

At one point, the guest of honour's friend who is visiting from the UK admitted she had never been to a baby shower before and was worried it would be a boring event; no alcohol and just baby talk and games. I told her that none of my showers have ever ever been like that because that sounds like my personal hell. Obviously it is all about me. It was a lovely few hours and the Husband was kind enough to take the Kid to the In laws for the afternoon. There were still about 4 ladies at our place when the Kid walked in. The confidence he has cracks me up. He won't full out greet anyone, but he will touch them a little bit as he walks by. It's his way of saying "Hi, I'm here. I won't acknowledge you fully because I am king." Just after 5, the last ladies left after we finished up the bubbly and I cleaned up the living room. I also decided to get a run in because I am nuts and pushing myself to perfection. Not really.

It was a truly great party with really lovely women. The energy was great and positive and there was a lot of love in the room (prosecco helps)! I also met some lovely ladies and I always love meeting new people. Girls rock! This morning I spent a ridiculous amount of time staring at my new 3 Tiki mugs. The guest of honour told me that I could keep them and I feel like one of my lifelong dreams was fulfilled. Otherwise, today has been a lazy Sunday. I did a little yoga earlier and around 4 I will meet a friend for our traditional Sunday drink meet up. I am happy to say that next week shouldn't be too crazy. Besides a dinner out with a friend on Tuesday, this week will be pretty chilled and I cannot wait! I better go and pay some more attention to the Kid and I hope you all have a great Sunday! Next post will be a bit of a review of two new Real Housewives shows: Sydney and Toronto. Don't judge me. I need escapism. Happy Sunday! Toodles!

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Hard Rock Cafe Vienna Event for World Autism Day

Remember about a month ago when I obnoxiously posted on Facebook that I had huge news and I couldn't wait to share it? Yes. The day is here! I am so so so excited to share that together with Hard Rock Cafe Vienna, we are putting on an even for World Autism Day! After many many meetings and e-mails, it is now officially on! The idea will be a breakfast from 9:30-11:30 on Sunday April 2nd. There you can order breakfast and a euro will be donated to the Beacon Beach House from each meal. We wanted to make it a special breakfast so my friend's husband's jazz trio will be playing (the bass player used to be an ABA therapy tutor), the lights will all be blue and I am super excited to say that we will be displaying a couple of art pieces by a young artist who happens to have autism. I met his mother and him at the fundraising night back in January and I found his work very interesting and he was kind enough to say "yes" to displaying them for the breakfast at Hard Rock. It is very important to me that we continue to give people with autism a chance to thrive. In my opinion, awareness needs to also be about celebrating the very people who have autism: I am so excited about his display! I will also be making a short speech so that will be a speech of awkwardness.

The rest of the day, Hard Rock will be offering blue cocktails and also 1 euro from each drink will be donated to the Verein. This is so incredible of the Hard Rock Cafe to be doing this; to help spread awareness of autism. And I cannot wait! I will get there around 9 without the Kid this time. While this is an important day to raise awareness, it won't be specifically sensory friendly. So I am super happy that on the 8th of April, we will be having the Easter morning for children with special needs. After the breakfast, I will run home to spend a couple of hours with the Kid and then I will be back around 3:30 for some cocktails. It's a tough life. If you are interested in the breakfast, please reserve ASAP. If you can't come to the breakfast, come on by during the day for a blue drink. I will be there again as of 3:30 for a couple of hours. Drinking for a good cause? I believe in each and every one of you.

This is all very surreal. The funniest thing is that about 10 years ago, a school friend's parents owned a restaurant where Hard Rock Cafe is now. I remember going there for drinks one night and I don't think I could have ever predicted my life now. I always knew I would find something that would drive me. I just thought it would be fashion or being a trophy wife. I had no idea. I am proud of how far this initiative has come and I cannot wait to take a break sometime in 2022. I am blown away by the support from so many people. It's because I am pretty, right? Knew it! In all seriousness, this is the boost I so sorely needed. Having such a big company help me spread awareness and keep my cocktail consumption at an all time high... well, this is amazing. I am also incredibly grateful to the marketing director who is now also a friend and has been tirelessly working on finding ways to host events for the Verein. Thank you... and again, I am sorry for ruining Richard Gere for you. So please spread the word about the event if you can and definitely try and stop on by! Stay tuned for a longer post about reality TV escapism and upcoming monthly Buffy the Vampire Slayer viewing night because awesome.

I hope you all have a fabulous day and may your coffee be hot, your co-workers be awesome, your children be angelic and that you have the best hair day of your life! Toodles!