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Thursday, 30 October 2014

Halloween Party - 2014

Well, it's all over. Weeks and weeks of planning and then just one night of excessive drinking and then BOOM! it's over. It's a bit like the Bride Blues that one gets after spending thousands on sugarcoated almonds and a signature cocktail, while screaming at anyone within a 5 foot radius for a year and everyone nodding and smiling and saying "It's your day. We understand." And then BOOM! you wake up the next morning and your taffeta dress with the bazillion buttons going up the back mocks you as you can hear it whisper "You shall never fit into me again". You are no longer the bride. There will no longer be anymore shrill screaming or silver frames received wrapped in tissue paper. You are just a normal person with less money in your bank account. And that hurts.

So this is kind of what happens to me the day after the party. There's a bit of sadness and since I know that this will happen, I decided a couple of years ago to give myself a challenge so that I am distracted on the next day. I tell myself that I have to have all the decorations down and everything cleaned up within 14 hours after the last guest has left. I AM INSANE. And to push myself to do this, I tell myself that I have to post a picture of the cleaned up apartment on Facebook. I HATE MYSELF.. sometimes.

So back to the partay... It was amahzing. It truly was one of the best times I have had at one of our parties.

I always have a good time because I amuse myself but somehow the stars aligned and it was magical. We had just under thirty people and in the new apartment, it did not feel tight at all. The funny thing is that I remember telling myself while prepping for last year's party that, as the glitter skull was my witness, I would never host another Halloween party in that place again. And look. It happened. I BELIEVE!

Saturday morning I took an early morning walk with my friend and then I got down to the cooking. I was a little stressed because I was not stressed if that makes any sense at all. Maybe I finally have big party hosting down? Maybe I'm technically so on autopilot these days that I don't even consider getting stressed because that would cut into my pigs in a blanket making time? I don't know but it kind of weirded me out and now I feel like I need a bigger challenge and that's just dumb. I did get a little stressed at one point when my roux sauce wouldn't roux. Not Jessie Spano stressed, more Kate Gosselin scaring other people stressed....namely scaring the Husband.
Why is the beer not chilled?!

For the last few parties we have hosted, I have made the decision that all food will be on the table just before the guests arrive. This has been my smartest decision to date.... that and full support sports bras.

The menu was:
Pigs in a blanket
Spinach dip (my always dish)
Pizza (my other always dish)
Chinese dumplings
Cheese penne
Baked fajitas

And my friend Debra made awesome witch finger cookies and my friend Alix made an amahzing spice cake.Thank you! Both were also consumed the next morning because Mommy needs the sugar to collect a bazillion Solo cups on just 4 hours of sleep.
So many bottles to recycle... so many

The candles were lit at 7:20 and at 7:45 our first guests arrived. The evening was a bit of a blur because I was on a hostess high. The costumes were incredible and I am always super excited about seeing what my friends come up with. So here is the list of costumes and huge apologies if I missed anyone!!

A life sized Beanie Baby
A mummy
Death (he helped answer the door a few times and he terrified people and that was AWESOME!)
Conchita Wurst (won best male costume (long story, we had had a few drinks by then))
Chicken Cordon Bleu
Two Minions
Death female (I think? Scary whiteface :))
A pair of boobs (they won best couple costume. EVERYBODY loves boobs!)
Rocket people (great homemade costumes :))
Frida Kahlo
Diego Rivera
Dios de los muertas
A mouse
A vampire
Angelina Jolie's wedding dress (she won best female costume)
Bloodied Hansel and Gretel
Two Soviets
Sheldon and Amy from Big Bang Theory
Baroque couple (that was me and the Husband. I spraypainted his head white. I was oddly attracted to my silver fox)
2 a.m. selfie. Apologies for terrifying y'all

When it came to the voting, I decided that I would do a clapping vote because I was not up to collecting ballots and checking ID's and then dealing with a re-count. The clapping actually turned out well because when I closed my eyes, I could imagine people clapping just for me. Ahhh. Bliss. Serious need for praise.. hashtag.

The last guests left at 2:45 when I finally realized that I had been up for 22 hours. The time flew by and it was truly awesome. I cannot believe that after so much prep, the party is ovah. Tovah, it's ovah. But at least tomorrow is Halloween and I am heading out to a pub in the 3rd to sit and drink and eat and toast the end to one of my favourite seasons. But at least there is still Jewish Christmas! Hollah!


Tuesday, 28 October 2014

A Trip to the District Psychologist

Apologies, apologies! It has been 5 days since my last post, forgive me father... or awesome people who read my blog. On Saturday we had our annual Halloween party and it was... well, IT WAS AWESOME! A post about that will come later but I thought that I would first update y'all on what happened yesterday because I'm the boss of this blog. And at home... And sometimes at Billa. Anyway...

A little background... When we moved into this apartment, we found out that just downstairs was an integration kindergarten. We found out that we had to meet with the district child psychologist so that we could qualify our son for a space. We met Dr. W. and BAM! a few months later (September 3rd to be exact) we had our first day at the kindergarten, just downstairs. As you have read over the past few weeks, it has been a bit of a trip but the best part is that every morning, the Kid is overwhelmingly excited to go. The Husband and I pretty much fight who gets to take him in the morning. This is such a 180 from the last place where the Kid would turn into a Howler Monkey as we brought him up the steps to the daycare and we would turn into balls of guilt. The number of IOU sexual promises I made so that the Husband would do the daycare run was astronomical. Sorry buddy, I lied on paper with crayon.

So, yes, anyway, we had a meeting with Dr. W. yesterday. It was a work holiday so while I was excited to have a couple of hours off, I was also all hopped up on noivous energy. Purchases made? A mason jar, a Yankee candle and a Simon and Garfunkel's greatest hits CD. ANALYZE THAT!

Our meeting was at 4 and I received a few emails and texts from the Husband.

Him: Hi dear. Here is the address. Do you know how to get there?
Me: Pffft. I've been there before. No problem.
Him: You can take this tram or that tram or the bus. If you are coming from Wiedner Haupstrasse, take this tram. If you are coming from S├╝dtirolerplatz, take this tram. Here is a screenshot of the place. With arrows, showing you which way to walk.
Me: Maybe I'll walk all the way there.

An hour before our meeting:

Him: Hi dear. Do you know how to get there?
Me: Pffft. I'll be fine.

30 minutes later...

Me: Ugh. This station is like Soviet Russia. I don't know where I am and people look mean. And poor. And mean. And I think I'm lost....
Me: Don't know. It's cold and it's dark.
Him: WHAT?!?!
Me: Oh! Never mind! I made it here! False alarm! HAHAHAHA! All ok! See you soon! I LOVE YOU!

No wonder he has high blood pressure. So he shows up, a little angry at me and we sit in the waiting room for our meeting with Dr. W. and we both are feeling a little queasy. Just before 4, the door opens and Dr. W. invites us in. Dr. W. looks like every male, 50 something, Viennese shrink would look like and I stop myself from screaming PENIS ENVY to lighten the mood. He sits back and takes out his notebook and motions for us to start talking.

The Husband says "We're the parents of The Kid (full name). I am his father, she is his mother." at this point I helpfully snort and roll my eyes and consider screaming ELECTRA COMPLEX to take this conversation to another level. The psychologist, noticing that we are inept at this type of awkwardness, gets right to the point. He informs us that the specialists at the daycare requested more help to help them with the Kid. Apparently he is a lot to handle and now Dr. W, is coordinating with the head of an autism center to find an intern to work with the Kid 3 times a week at the daycare.
I to the N to the T to the E to the R to the N

At this point I interrupt him and say "Listen, I know people can't put a price on their child's wellbeing... well, I can hahahahaha... but how much is this going to cost us?" He pauses, takes a deep breath, writes something in his book (probably, BAD MOTHER) and then says "30 euros". To which I yell "AN HOUR?!?!?!?" He responds, calmly and not amused "A year" And then that is when I get the giggles and they don't stop because obviously this situation totally calls for the giggles because yes, I AM A TERRIBLE MOTHER, Ugh.

He continues over my manic barking laugh and says that if we are really lucky, this intern might even use our child as the subject of his or her master thesis! ISN'T THAT GREAT? No, sir, that isn't great. My son is not a science project. At least this part stopped the giggles and a part of me died a little but I held it together because I stupidly forgot to put on my waterproof eyeliner and I had a fabulous cat eye, winged liner look going.
It said "waterproof"

I restrained myself and the meeting ended shortly thereafter. In fact, the whole meeting lasted 10 minutes. Call me crazy, but this meeting could have probably been held via e-mail... with less manic laughing. We said our goodbyes and as the Husband and I walked out I turned to him and said "I just find it weird that the Kid is considered to be the most DIFFICULT child ever when at home he's a joy and so great. Maybe we have a gas leak."

So that was the meeting. As much as I bristle at the fact that people who are trained to take care of the Kid require additional help, I am grateful that the Kid will get some more one-on-one time. And, according to Dr. W., if we get an intern soon, it seems possible that the Kid will be able to stay past noon. Amen.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Upcoming Halloween Party and Dis and Dat

Apologies for not writing sooner. It has been an incredibly hectic time. The Husband has a huge project due and has been getting in super super late the past few days. He also worked over the weekend so I barely know what he looks like anymore. (Any man could show up and I'd just assume that's the Husband).
Honey? You want more Fro Yo?
Speaking of the weekend, it was not bad. Not bad at all.Saturday I had to work a half day in the afternoon, and then headed home to hang out with the Kid and then get ready for dinner at one of my favourite places in Vienna - O'Connors. I arrived at 7:30 and wine was ordered, food consumed, more wine was ordered and, well, we pretty much shut the place down. No, like literally. The guy turned off the lights and had to unlock the doors to let us out. I apologize for holding him up and next time I will come with the Husband and we will bore each other and we will be out of there by 8. Promise.

Then Sunday happened. I kind of wish that Sunday morning Tova could have talked to Saturday night Tova and in true After School Special, sat her down and said something like "Calm yer horses there, lassie. Ya have a kid to look after all day by yer lonesome tomorrow. Alone. By yerself" Apparently Sunday morning Tova is Scottish. Interesting. Sunday morning was a little painful but luckily I got a text from a friend reminding me of a playdate at a playground about a 20 minute walk from our place.

I drank some Gatorade, took a shower, kissed the Husband good bye and may or may not have yelled "As God is my witness, this playdate will HAPPEN!" I strapped the Kid into his stroller and we set off into the grey October morning.

The playdate ended up being a lot of fun and friends got to see first hand just how much energy the Kid has. He's the Energizer Bunny in a merino sweater. EXHAUSTING. After about 90 minutes we decided to drop by the Husband's office. This was a first and actually went very well. I was proud. I was tired. Then we headed home for lunch and I did the whole "melt cheese on stuff" schtick and realized I had another 5 hours to kill. FML.

We ended up going to the park and running around and it was also great. I have to say that I am pleased that I lasted a whole day with the Kid on my own and in a fragile delicate state to boot. I also learned that I need to not imbibe so much when the next day involves wrangling a hyperactive 3 year old.

Otherwise, life is life and I am starting to stress a little... which is actually pretty normal as well. But I am stressed because the Halloween party is this weekend and I am not sure if I am so incredibley prepared or completely unprepared. It is weird. The decorations have been up for weeks but I am starting to think that it isn't enough but then I remind myself that lighting and atmosphere will make a huge difference so I just have to trust my instincts... and the new fog machine I bought yesterday.

Now, we had a fog machine. A perfectly good one. But the Husband decided to toss it during the move and I guess he thought I wouldn't notice. He thought wrong. I think he also assumed that I wouldn't find another one with so little time left until the party. He thought wrong. Too bad I walk past a music store on Wiedner Hauptstrasse every morning. Boom! Sucks to be you! BOOM!

So late yesterday afternoon I was able to pick one up and I have composed a little imaginary letter:

Dear Music Store,

It's not that cold in here. Why are wearing a tuque? And so much facial hair. I'm sorry that I didn't realize that model XZSJkerblooeywhatever is no longer made. How silly of me. Yes, I will take the cheapest one because this is not for a club. For pictures, you ask? What kind of sick pervert 80s hair band album cover photographer do you think I am. FOR PICTURES? Haha. You're weird. Sick in the head. This baby is for our Halloween party. Bet you wish you were invited now, cold head man. Boom! What? You don't have a bag to carry this machine and 10 liters of fog juice. Um, ok. Not heavy? Sir, I may be a little chubby and sporting the figure of a Soviet shotputter but I am not that strong. I assure you. Oh, ok, so you won't help carry this for me? Well, I'll manage. HAVE A GOOD DAY! Ow. Ow. Ow.

Kind regards,

My arms still hurt this morning. But yay! I have a fog machine! I still have so much to do and I cannot believe that in 2 sleeps is the party. Gah! I want to panic but I can't and that is making me a little more stressed. Deep breaths. Deep breaths.

Friday, 17 October 2014

The Big Meeting at the Daycare

Oh guys. I was dreading this meeting. I was in a sick to my stomach but yet can down a large portion of baked macaroni and cheese kind of state the last few days. It wasn't pretty. I lost my vegan badge and probably got kicked off the PETA Christmas e-mail list. NOT GOOD. This meeting has been postponed a couple of times and I have just wanted to rip the band-aid off. I have good reason to fear meetings at daycares. I don't think we have ever had a good meeting at a daycare. IN FACT, even recitals have always ended badly. So, yeah, I was little freaked out to attend this meeting... especially considering this daycare is our last chance in terms of child care arrangements. I know this, I looked it up. I might have prayed a little this past week.

We ran around the apartment this morning, getting ready and trying to get the Kid up. Murphy's Law: toddlers will always sleep in on the mornings that you need to get a move on. ALWAYS. Half asleep I got him dressed and carried him on my hip because this morning he had decided to bring up that old separation anxiety. Going to the bathroom was like having a Chucky doll become my probation officer.

We were out of the apartment by 8 and took the 45 second walk to get to the place. I was breaking out in hives and going through my act. I had planned to play "Intimidating mommy who has had enough of this shit and you say one negative thing and I will cut you."

We walked in and the two main daycare providers brought us into the classroom and we took our seats. Our hobbit seats. The Kid was in another room but I could hear him kvetching. I just hoped he wouldn't walk by the classroom and like, see us through the glass door.

I got comfortable... well as comfortable as it can be to balance one ass cheek on a wooden plank and got ready to throw shade. The one woman started and thanked us for coming. We nodded and I could see the Husband match me for tension. This was not our first rodeo in terms of daycare meetings and we braced ourselves.

"Well, he is an absolute joy!" she told us.
"Que?" I asked.
"He has really been developing these past few weeks!"
"Scusi?" I asked.
"He just shows so much potential!". Oh, there it is... "potential". That brings me back. For years during my schooling, my parental units consistently heard 3 sentences during parent teacher nights a) She sure likes to talk! b) If she would just apply herself.... and c) She has so much potential (and that was usually followed by sentence (b). And so I temporarily twitched this morning when the provider said "potential". And then I realized that what she just said was a huge effing wonderful big deal. And so I started to cry. Happy cry.

She went on to tell us that yes, he shows signs of autism but they are so impressed with how fast he learns new things and for the next couple of months she wants to really focus on "rules". One of the rules would be making sure that he puts on his shoes and jacket every morning. At this point I snorted and silently thought "Yeah, good luck with that!" and then she said "He already does that here."

"Que?" Oh that little sh... I mean, attaboy! Are you kidding me? Well, that is fantastic and I feel like he totally played me. The party ends today, Kid. We spent the next hour discussing his habits and what we could do at home and what they could do at the daycare. They also said that they could call us during the day to tell us how he was doing and both the Husband and I responded "NO!" because after almost a year of calls from the old daycare, we don't want to hear nothing unless he has taken hostages.
Just give him a cookie and it will pass.

We also discussed the possibility of him staying for lunch because we are starting to burn out with these half days. They said that eating is "intimate" (GET OUT OF MY CLOSET AND GIVE ME BACK MY DAMN OREOS YOU WHORES.. cough, cough.) meaning that it would probably take him a long time to feel comfortable to eat in a group. I was like "He's not a Bravo reality star. He has no issues eating in public"... but I let that slide because I need them to like me. I came up with a suggestion to get him to eat and they will try it next week. I'm crossing my fingers this works!!

I also told them that we were looking into A.B.A. therapy and they were very very pleased. So, long long long story short, it was a great meeting, I feel like we are all on the same page for now. I finally left a daycare meeting with a spring in my step and not murderous rage.

So tonight I am going to celebrate.. well a little. I have to work a few hours tomorrow but then I am going out for dinner so I plan to get a little blotto because I have this huge huge burden off my shoulders! Having a special needs child is exhausting and has thrown me for a loop. It also didn't help to have a completely incompetent daycare before who shamed us daily. Finally I feel like we have support and competent people and I just hope I keep this happy feeling going. I need it. God, I need it. So, HAPPY FRIDAY, AMIGOS! WOOT!

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Things I See on My Walks

Guys. I am not quite sure what to say. One post and I am like, I am like, wait... let me put down my wine... I am like plutzing. I cannot believe all the messages I have received the last few days. As I wrote on the Operation Tubetop page, I am so incredibly overwhelmed and so incredibly touched. I feel like Anne Hathaway before everybody started to dislike her. Not sure why... she had great bangs in "The Devil Wears Prada". Anywho. I am amazed at the response and I vow to keep on posting... even though I am sitting here, thinking.. "hmmm... how can I top that post about living in Vienna.?"

So, I have decided to tawk about my walks. Because.. why not? As most of you know, I take a walk almost every morning. I do this because otherwise I would spend at least an hour reading reality gossip and while I find that a wonderful thing to do, I realize that at 33, I need to stop writing "eu mah gawd" in the comments section everytime there is a post about Teresa Giudice. So anyway...

Things I see on my walks:

I start out at our place on the fabulous Drasche Park. I pull up my hoodie and make my way to Wiedner Haupstrasse. I walk on the other side because there is a place beside the Belgian Embassy that says "Sauna" and I am pretty sure, based on their opening hours, that it is not a wellness centre. I cross the big street and keep walking. Once in a while I have to crosss the street again because at 5:50 in the morning street signs sometimes look like rapists in the distance.

Just the other day, I passed a bar at 5:30 in the morning and two women and a man (who had whipped off his button up shirt) were dancing to "Sex Bomb". I was amused. And a little concerned.
Not even close to what I saw.. but you are welcome.
I keep walking down this street and just before I get to Margareten strasse, I pass a brothel. Now now, in Europe, this is not a big deal. But yet, this still makes my inner prude stand up and go "QUE?". And I would be totally lying when I would not say that I am a little disappointed when the door doesn't open when I walk by. I have no idea what I would see but I have an imagination, I see throw pillows and Chevron wallpaper. Non?. Before you judge me for being a pervert (I totally am one) I just have to explain that it is more of a morbid curiosity than being a weirdo. When I moved here for the second time, 10 years ago, and I had the opportunity to take a taxi along the Gurtel, I pointed out prostitutes like familes play "punch buggy!!!!" I'd be all tipsy and would exclaim "THERE'S A HOOKER! THERE'S ANOTHER ONE!" I'm not proud. Moving on.

Then I hit Margareten strasse, I cross over and walk along the right hand sidewalk and make my way to the 5th district. I pass a cinema that has been renovated and looks amahzing but know that I won't be seeing a show there until well into my 40's. I keep walking and come upon the Margaretenhof which is one of my most favourite of building compounds in Vienna. It is spectacular and what I imagine Hansel and Gretel would have built once they won that personal injury suit.

I cross the road and head back down Margareten. I pass a few shops and hit the 4th district again. I pass a designer clothing store called "Elfenkleid" and schmutz up their windows with my breath of wanting. Once I have done that, I keep going and pass a shop that sells the most fabulous squirrel topped serving dish but for 250 euros I go "Nuh uh" and then wonder what I could re-create with Play Doh at home.
And, dear readers, please never Google "Squirrel dishes". I need to take a shower now.

I keep walking and pass the bagel shop and then turn right and head to Wiedner Haupstrasse. Since it is near the university, I have to be extra careful about random puke but for the most part, iz all ok. I cross where the Paulaner Kirche is and keep walking up Wiedner Haupstrasse which is lined with lovely trees. Little sidenote: a few months ago, when I started this walk, there was a shop that seemed to be under construction for foreva which had a sign that read "Lactose free, gluten free desserts". Rich white girl that I am, was intrigued. For 3 months I walked by in anticipation. It has finally opened and is called "Allergiker Cafe". It looks cute, but this morning, I spied a harp. Ugh. Harps. Don't get me wrong, the harp is a fine instrument... but... I am sorry.... I dislike the harp. Go ahead, beat me. It has nothing to do with the sound that a harp makes. No, rather it has to do with me and my dislike of large instruments. Long story short, I finally got to play the cello when I was 10. The parental units rented me a cello with a soft case. Every Tuesday I had to take that damn thing on the school bus and I cannot describe how terrified I was to leave a head-sized dent in that rented cello everytime that school bus hit the brakes. Shudder.

Anywho, I keep walking until Johann Strauss Gasse and walk past the Burschenschaft (saving that for another post. Spit spit) and then hit our lovely park where I make a loop around and try to climb the ivy to get a better look at the beautiful apartments surrounding it. So far.. no luck. And then I am home. It may seem a little boring to do this 5 times a week, but actually... it is awesome. You just never know when that brothel door might open.

Monday, 13 October 2014

Just Random Thoughts and Updates

You know what would be helpful guys? Me actually placing my cup under the coffee maker. Gawd I am dumb at 5 a.m. but it really isn't my fault that I am exhausted. The Kid was a thing possessed last night. The bedtime routine went down without a hitch (sleep training update today!) but around 9:30 he came running into our room and launched himself into bed and fell asleep mid lunge. At 11:30 he started his Jackie Chan moves and I yelled "Dammit! You are going to your bed before you bruise another one of my kidneys. NO MORE!" and so I half dragged him to his room, changed his diaper and then threw a bottle of milk into his bed. I walked back to bed and may or may not have yelled at the Husband "Thanks a fucking bunch for helping me out." Awww, mawwiage.
This one is going in the family album!
At 2 the Kid again came running full speed into our room - just take a minute here and imagine a crazed 3 foot zombie running at 60 miles per hour with his eyes closed. Yeah. He better be grateful I decided that "new obstacles" would be very unfunny the night before. The Husband, perhaps still smarting from my earlier swearing, took the reins and declared "No! No! No more!" and brought the Kid back to bed. A couple of hours later, the Husband returned and wearily declared "He's asleep". So I put on my sweet voice and said "Thanks a bunch for helping me out! LOVE YOU!". So  we are tired.

It is early Monday morning and I am about to take my neighbourhood walk. This usually involves a little game I like to play "Bird call or serial killer lurking around the corner". At least this little game makes me walk a little faster.

And without further ado, some random thoughts and updates:

Kindergarten: We are still on the 11:45 pick ups. They say they won't keep him past noon if he won't sit down and eat. I literally do not have a problem with him not eating. He can eat at home... at 2... when our nanny picks him up. We have a meeting on Friday (the last meeting was postponed, fanfuckingtastic) and we will discuss his progress. They are also suggesting more therapy. This I don't have a problem with because we are currently looking into A.B.A. therapy and hopefully we can get started on that ASAP. Preferably at a decent time. You know.. not at 11 a.m. on a Wednesday.

Sleep training: Well. Ah hahaha. That didn't go as planned. A few weeks ago we spent about 5 nights trying the sleep training. I realized that it was a bad time to start it with all the changes happening. Also, we were looking up divorce lawyers at 3 a.m. and that just wasn't good for anyone. But the plus side is that we re-established a bedtime routine that actually works. Well, it works for me because I am awesome. At 7:30, after dinner, teeth brushing and looking at books, we tell the Kid "Time for bed" and he repeats "Beeeeeedd". Then he says goodnight to the Husband which is "Buh bye, Daddy" paired with a little wave and it is the cutest gosh darn thing in the world. He crawls into bed, I top up my wine glass and turn on my Kindle and whisper read to him until he falls asleep. The average time it takes is about 20 minutes. My personal best was 5 minutes last week. It was AWESOME! Even though he is still running into our room in the middle of the night, at least we have a couple of hours of quiet in the evening and that has made a huuuuuuuuuuuuge difference.

The New Train Station: Well, what can I say... other then.. IT IS AWESOME! I took a little jaunt there on Sunday morning and I lost my North American mind. It's like a mall. A mall about an 8 minute walk away. And it has a Starbucks and a Subway and several bakeries and wait for it... A juice store that sells green smoothies with names like Garden Body Detox which yes I bought one because I need to counteract all the scurvy I think I am getting. I am super pumped about this new place because when I need a little Christmas cheer in a month or two, I have a feeling this place will be all decked out in its finest, filled with angry Austrians and nothing says Christmas like anger and stress. Yaay!
Yaay! Holidays!
So those are some random updates. I am also so incredibly stoked about how many people clicked on my post about living in Vienna. This makes me so happy. Thank you!

So now I have to head out for my morning walk wake myself up a bit. It feels like it might be one of those long days. Happy Monday!

Thursday, 9 October 2014

How's That Veganism Working Out for You, Tova?

Well, lemme just start off by saying; holy crap did yesterday's post go nuts! I mean, holy crap! Thank you everybody for reading it and sharing it on the Interwebs. Dear lawdy. I looked at my stats this morning and had to do the whole rub the eyes in disbelief schtick. And the views keep coming. Thank you!

And now, back to our schedule. As you guys know, I decided to give veganism the old college try. How am I doing? Actually, pretty awesome. Out of the 13 days so far, I have only had cheese twice. Real cheese on cheesy pizzas. That's a huge win. Have I lost weigh? No clue. I will know when I get on the scale next Monday because do not fear, the 12 Week Challenge is back. Still going on. Still happening. Still a thorn in my side.

I don't think my stats will be amahzing on Monday but that really isn't the whole point of the 6:1 vegan plan I am on. Just joking. Weight loss is EVERYTHING. No, no, I jest. This is about leading a healthier life. About discovering clean eating. ABOUT WEARING SIZE 4 PANTS AGAIN. Dammit, Tova, get back in your box.

I'm finding it not too hard to stay vegan. The hardest part is when I don't plan my meals in advance. The other bummer is that I am definitely using the vegan store as a crutch and not as an occasional ottoman like I should. Case in point, I made "chicken" baked fajitas last week and ate like there would be no more tomorrow. Or a tomorrow with no food. I'm overeating because the food I've been making is just too damn good. Now, you might ask, how does one make vegan cheesy delicious chicken baked fajitas? Walk with me.

First I bought some vegan tortillas, then I bought some vegan "chicken" which is a combo of soy and peas and carrots and then somehow magically made to look like grilled chicken strips. I stocked up on some guacamole, salsa, beans, red peppers and onions. And then purchased "pepper jack cheese" from the brand Daiya. I sauteed the veg and "meat. Then I placed the salsa, guacamole, "meat" mix and "cheese" on a tortilla and wrapped it up and placed it in a baking dish. I baked it for about 30 minutes and then took it out of the oven. And stared at it for a long time.

I admit it. I was skeptical at first. The "cheese" didn't really melt on the outside. But I served it up to the Husband and me....

And lo and behold, it was delicious! Many many many stars of vegan goodness.

I actually was very impressed and this will be my new go-to feeling sorry for myself vegan meal. Now, I had the impression that once I went vegan, the fat would literally throw itself from my body screaming "SHE HATH FORSAKEN US!" and yet, it hasn't. And I know why. I'm carbing it up too much. I really am. My new aim is to really focus on more veggies and protein the next week or so (save for Wednesday night when I will be ordering a bacon cheeseburger - and it will be amazing). Tonight I will be having a red thai curry soup. Tomorrow will probably be a Moroccan veg stew with couscous and probably a veg curry with brown rice on Saturday... and so on and so forth. If I discover a way to make vegetables taste good, I will let you know... Have a great day!