This and That and Mosaique

Well, hello there! Wow! Do I feel absolutely reborn! I am not sure but I think it has a little to do with the fact that I took it very very easy this morning. I was up at 5:40 as usual to make the Kid's lunch and have a good 10 minutes of silent coffee drinking time and then woke the Kid up. The routine is to get him out of bed, get him on the sofa with some milk and breakfast, then I place a blanket on the ground and drag him to his room so I can get him dressed for school. Usually by 6:30 he is completely awake and then we just put his shoes and coat on and he heads downstairs with the Husband to wait for the bus. Usually after this, I go for a run but since I had the terrifying incident on Monday morning, I have decided to take a couple of days off and it is kind of driving me batty. So instead of going for a run, I crawled back into bed and slept for another hour and a half and it was complete and utter bliss.

I got out of bed after my early morning nap, took a long shower, ma…

Sorry About the Crying

Wow. So um, apologies about that last podcast. I totally did not expect to cry. If you want to not hear that, please skip ahead by about 6 minutes. Um. Yeah. That came out of nowhere so apologies again. This morning, when I woke up, I debated whether I should delete that podcast or not but I decided to keep it up. It is a real moment that I recorded and as embarrassing as it was, I think it is important for people to know that my life isn't always fake skulls and dead flowers. Heh. I was greeted by a hug this morning from a friend and it was really sweet and so many people wrote wonderful things and reached out. I am so so so lucky to have such awesome people in my life like my family and friends. So thank you again to everybody. It was a very raw moment but I am touched by all the love.

I think (I know) what kicked it off is that the Kid had had a freak out just before he went to bed. It was actually a very minor one and he managed to calm down within a minute or two but it just …

Hospital Visit and the Last Few Days

Hello Tuesday afternoon! I am now home because we just got back from getting the Kid shots at the hospital. For the past couple of years we have been unable to get him up to date on his shots due to his doctor being unable to guarantee getting the shot actually into him. Of course, with luck on our side, the Kid's stomach doctor offered to do it for us at the hospital he works at. This doctor has been a real blessing in our lives and now I shall name my next purse after him.. Incredible man! We made an appointment at the St. Anna hospital and at 1:30, we dragged the Kid in  (he was a little grumpy but otherwise fine) and by 1:50, he was fully vaccinated. And I could not be prouder. When we entered the room, there were 2 doctors and 2 nurses and 2 parents about to pass out. We took the Kid's shirt off, one nurse sat on the gurney and told him to sit in her lap, facing her (and he listened which shocked me. She was bosomy, I get it now) and then each doctor had a needle and jabb…

Dinner Out, Sick Kid and Another Crockpot Recipe

Hello Wednesday! Hello hump day... not like that. I'm a lady. I am definitely feeling better save for a terrible cough still. The Kid is unfortunately sick now and has been home for the last couple of days. He is being a champ but just has a hacking cough. The Kid also has a scratch under his eye... On Monday when I got home, the Nanny told me that he had gotten scratched at school and when I opened his notebook, I saw a note from the teacher (I talked about this in my podcast which you can find a link to here and then compliment me extensively) that said he got to close to another child eating. She apologized and I wasn't mad. Listen Kid, you should know this by now. You get close to Mommy while she is eating, she will growl. Really. The Husband has learned not to touch me or make eye contact with me when I start to eat or it will just get ugly. Life lessons. And yes, when the Kid is sleeping, I am putting cream on that scratch. We will probably keep him home tomorrow as well…

Wien Museum Visit, End of Sick Leave, Halloween Decorating and a Crockpot Curry Recipe

Back to work tomorrow! I can't believe I was off for the whole week. I have so much to catch up on! I am still stuffed up but at least not as exhausted as before. That was a rough week for me and I know how lucky I am to have been able to have had time to sleep. But I am going to really try and stay as healthy as possible because I don't do sick well... as you could all probably tell. I also have to apologize for my ranty podcast on Friday. It started off good and then I got a little off track and got all venty and that really wasn't my intent. And while there is a lot of truth to it, I probably should have written down my thoughts before going rogue. So apologies if I sounded a little off. I blame the cold and probably a couple of messages I was not amused by.

Friday afternoon I ventured outside. It was sunny but kind of cool but of course I had the weird flu sweats. Lovely. I decided to check out Humana which is a charity shop chain in Vienna. I wasn't sure what I wa…

A Rough Couple of Days and a Happy Jewish New Year

Sup? Happy Jewish New Year! I said that to Office Twin this morning and he was like "In September?" and I was like "Yeah, we have a different calendar that we don't tell you about." Apparently it is year 5778. It's the future, guys! What is Jewish New Year? Well, we Jews usually celebrate it with apples and honey but because I am irreverent and not super religious, I will probably be taking a shot of apple cider this evening and maybe adding some honey to my tea. But I am having a bagel for dinner so that's pretty symbolic. Jewish New Year is a time to reflect and to plan the next year ahead. I think the past year has been quite amazing with some lows and highs and I just know that this next year is going to be the best one yet... well... it better be. Next Friday is the not so fun holiday of Yom Kippur. It's like one day of Ramadan and you can't eat until the sun goes down. I think they made it only one day of fasting because if you have ever m…

An Offline Day

Sup? So I am technically not online today. I decided on Saturday as of 9 p.m., to take a little break from social media. Nothing dramatic, I just wanted a little break. It is so easy to pass time when there are a bazillion updates to read, private messages to respond to, and of course, Instagram pictures to fawn over. I am writing this on a Sunday but won't be posting it until Monday morning.

When I told the Husband that I had announced on Facebook that I was going offline he scoffed and asked "Why would you even have to do that?!" and I exclaimed "BECAUSE OTHERWISE PEOPLE WOULD THINK THAT I HAD DIED! THAT'S WHY!!" Obviously he just doesn't understand social media... or he is correctly pointing out my addiction to it. Cough. Anyway.. Let's get started. Saturday morning, the Kid came tearing into bed at 5:40 and then slept for another hour or so. The last few days this has become his new schedule and that is o.k. As long as we can get him up by 6 on …