Slowly an End of an Era

Well hello there! Apologies for not writing for the last few weeks. It has been a wild few weeks with birthdays, conferences, work, events and so on and so forth. So really, business as usual. The big news is that in April I will be finally launching my new website which means that this blog will be slowly coming to an end. It's the next chapter and it's terrifying and exciting all at the same time. The website will be a great way for me to consolidate all of my projects and of course, to finally have something a little more professional (ha.ha).

Operation Tubetop has been a lifeline these past... I think 6 years? If you have been a regular reader of this blog, you will have been through a wild ride with me. From raising an infant, to working full time again, from starting the Kid in kindergarten to being kicked out of kindergarten(s), from rebirthing to an autism diagnosis, from frustration to hope. It's been real. Really real. And I wouldn't trade my experiences for …

It's Almost my Birthday!

Hello and happy Saturday everybody! It was an absolutely nutso week. Work was busy, I was busy, and so on and so forth. On Wednesday I had to work later and as I was on my way home, a friend messaged me and said she needed black string. I said I had black string and since she lives in the neighbourhood, she came by to pick up the black string. And she brought a bottle of prosecco so we sat in the living room and chatted while the Kid ran around like the Tasmanian Devil. On Thursday I had to get to work super early and let me just tell you that Vienna during the school ski break at 7 in the morning is incredibly post-apocalyptic. In the afternoon, I finished work and headed to Cafe Eiles. I was meeting my friend N.P. there and he came a little later bearing some pretty fab shoes he had just purchased. We shared fries, I had deep friend cheese and for dessert we had Kaiserschmarren. I decided that afternoon that my birthday weekend was officially starting. We had some wine and then made…

Semester Break and Exciting Past Week

Well hello everybody! Apologies for not updating the blog recently. It was a very busy week last week and lots of exciting things happened! I also wanted to let you all know that I will be taking a 2 week break on the podcast. I have reached about 50 episodes and 1,800 downloads and have loved doing it, but I thought I would take a little time to regroup and get a line up of guests up and running. I have a lot to do this month and I really need to scale back on some of the things that I am currently doing. Speaking of things, one of the big things is planning a fundraiser night in a couple of weeks. Unfortunately this can't happen until I get something for this thing and I am currently and desperately waiting for the next step to get the things and I don't like not being in control of things. Deep breaths. It will all work out.

As I mentioned above, last week was pretty amazing. The first thing was that the Kid took the Ubahn for the first time in years. I might have mentioned…

Hello Friday!

You know what guilt is? You really want to know? It's thinking your kid just has a cold and it turns out to be bronchitis. Now usually I am an over protective mother, checking his breathing with a mirror at night... but this time, I decided I was just going to sit back and chill. In the past, when the Kid's been sick, I will pretty much consider hailing a damn ambulance on the street and attaching myself to it a la Terminator 2.

This time, oh this time, I was not going to be a paranoid, freaking out mommy. And yes, now I feel terrible. To be fair, the Kid has been on the mend for the last few days. Sure, there was a little wheezing and it was like living with a little gremlin, but I honestly didn't think he was that sick. Well, I WAS WRONG! The doctor prescribed an inhaler and I am starting to think it is making his cough worse because last night, at bedtime, he had an incredible coughing fit which almost sent me into the streets to commandeer a doctor... but of course, th…

Pink Hair and the Kid Still Sick

Sup everybody. I have pink hair! I look like a chubby middle aged Anime character. Like Jem and the Holistic Practitioners. Yup. I do love it. I truly do. It's currently an apricot/pink mix so I have to do a couple more applications to get it the pink I want it to be. Why did I go pink? Why not? I love having dark hair but the greys coming in were driving me batty and dying my hair every couple of weeks is not something I enjoy... and let's not talk about the probable loss of brain cells with every application. Could I go grey? Sure. But not yet. It's too soon. I am kind of exited about having a new look and I was so excited about doing it that I was up until 1 a.m. bleaching my hair. I then woke up at 5:40 to put the pink in. I can barely stay awake now. But what other colours will I explore next? Who knows! Unless my hair falls out in clumps because of how badly I have treated it recently (and for many years).

In other news, the Kid is super sick. I thought we were in th…

A Week of Spin and the Kid is Still Sick

Hello Sunday morning! The Kid was on the mend yesterday but this morning he woke up with a fever and a cough. Wednesday he had his shots and by Thursday morning, he had the fever. We kept him home Friday as well and yesterday he was running around and happy. Blergh. Poor kiddo. He usually has a ton of energy and I can see he is pretty ticked that he can't run around as usual. I hear you buddy. At 11 I have my last spin class of the week at SuperCycle. That will bring me to 5 classes this week which yes, I know, is overkill. I guess I wanted to push myself this week and I did. 5 spin classes is a little too much and next week I can only get a couple in. But I have to say, I've enjoyed myself immensely... even if I can't feel my butt at this time.

It was a pretty inspiring week, actually. On Thursday I finished work and then stopped at a small restaurant called Enwok. I ordered cucumber maki and some tofu and veg dumplings. It was pretty nice to spend some time reading a boo…

More Shots, Lack of Self Acceptance and Getting Ready for the Ball

Hello! Well, we are back from the hospital! The Kid got a lovely cocktail of Polio booster, a meningitis booster and a tick booster. Fun, fun! We're currently bracing ourselves for the inevitable fever that should be hitting this evening. This time the shots were in the morning and we decided to take a taxi. The Kid's an absolute pro in them, sitting happily in the back and looking out the window. We showed up about 15 minutes before his appointment and he knew exactly where we were going. He walked up the steps bravely and when we walked into the hallway, he gave the rooms a wide berth on his way to the waiting room. There were a couple of other kids and there was a jar of pee on the table. I played linebacker for a good 10 minutes. We were soon called in and I carried the Kid in and he grabbed the door jamb in one last bid for freedom but he wasn't putting all of his heart into it. 
He saw the nurse he likes and crawled into her lap, facing her, well, ample bosom. He lik…